The best spelling and grammar check browser extensions

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If you take part in writing online, whether a paper for school, article for work, or email for business, add-ons for your web browser can be very beneficial. That’s where this list of spelling and grammar browser extensions can help.

You can check your spelling and grammar quickly, make corrections easily, and ensure that what you’re writing is correct. For your favorite browser, see which of these add-ons is the best fit for your writing tasks.

Spelling and grammar browser extensions

Since each of these add-ons is terrific in its own way, we’re listing them in no particular order. And we’ll include notable features that make the extension stand out.


Grammarly Browser Extension

Grammarly is a widely used and well-known spelling and grammar service. And lucky for its users, you can just set it and forget it. Grammarly will pop up with errors displayed when you’re on sites like WordPress, Gmail, and even social media networks like Twitter.

Grammarly notable features:

  • Enable writing suggestions for sites you write on most often.
  • Turn on synonyms and definitions for extra help with your words.
  • Choose your version of English from American, British, Australian, or Canadian and switch with a click.

For a reliable and trustworthy spelling and grammar check, Grammarly is a solid option. In addition to the browser extensions, the application is available across platforms and devices which makes it even better.

  • Browser availability: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
  • Cost: Free with paid premium subscriptions for features like genre-specific writing style checks, a plagiarism detector, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and more

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Grammar and Spell Checker – Language Tool

Language Tool Browser Extension

You can use the Grammar and Spell Checker from Language Tool browser extension with a click. Or, head to the website and enter the text you want to check. Once you enable the add-on, the checking begins, and you’ll see those errors immediately.

Language Tool notable features:

  • Click to replace spelling errors with the correct words.
  • Add items to your personal dictionary to be ignored by the tool.
  • Enable synonyms you can see by double-clicking a word.

With a nice interface for its extension and website, you won’t be disappointed with the details you get from Language Tool’s Grammar and Spell Checker. And if you use Chrome and Firefox, this is a must-have extension for any type of writing.

  • Browser availability: Chrome and Firefox
  • Cost: Free with paid subscription plans for features like extra characters per check, an add-on for Microsoft Word, additional error detections in various languages, and more

GrammarDotCom Browser Extension

If you want a basic and easy-to-use, quick check for your grammar, take a look at the browser extension. With the click of a button, this tool will check the text on your current page and show you the mistakes. notable features:

  • See explanations of the errors found instead of just underlines and highlights.
  • Use the color-coding from the extension’s results to match the corresponding text on the page.
  • Choose from multiple languages at the top of the extension’s window. not only has a browser add-on but a website that lets you enter chunks of text if you prefer. For a spelling and grammar check without all the fluff, try

  • Browser availability: Chrome and Firefox
  • Cost: Free

Grammar Check – Ginger

Ginger Grammar Browser Extension

If Safari and Chrome are your browsers of choice, check out Grammar Check from Ginger. Very similar to Grammarly, you’ll see the number of errors clearly and have options to edit them easily. Plus, you can click to open a larger Ginger window to make your corrections.

Ginger notable features:

  • Enable specific sites for error checking, definitions, and more.
  • Click a word to receive pop-up definitions.
  • Take advantage of the Ginger editor with synonyms, a dictionary, translations, and rephrasing.

Grammar Check from Ginger is a nice tool that helps with the site you’re writing on as well as the separate Ginger editing window for lengthier text. You’ll also find extras like the character, word, and sentence counts for those times when you need them!

  • Browser availability: Chrome and Safari
  • Cost: Free with paid subscription plans that give you unlimited grammar checks, error analysis, a sentence re-phraser, and more

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Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant by Sapling

Sapling Grammar Browser Extension

The Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant browser extension from Sapling gives you two ways to check your writing. You can enter some text into the editor by clicking the toolbar button or enable the add-on for the site you’re using. Correct your errors with a click or ignore them if needed.

Sapling notable features:

  • Create and search for text snippets that you can add to your writing to save time.
  • Add case-sensitive terms that you want the tool to ignore.
  • Use the extension window to enter text quickly or just have a check done on a site like Gmail.

Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant by Sapling gives you two convenient options to check and correct both spelling and grammar. And with a free account, you can use the tool on multiple browsers depending on your work at the time.

  • Browser availability: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera
  • Cost: Free with paid subscription plans that provide advanced premium suggestions, autocomplete everywhere, snippets, email support, and more

Linguix Grammar and Spell Checker

Linguix Grammar Browser Extension

With the Linguix Grammar and Spell Checker extension, you can enable checking on specific sites, like Gmail for instance, and view your errors easily. Alternatively, you can create a new document from the toolbar button and head right to the Linguix site to check grammar, punctuation, typos, and more.

Linguix notable features:

  • Use either the toolbar button or the Linguix site to write, check, and save documents.
  • View statistics that include a readability score.
  • See mistakes instantly and correct them or open the text in the Linguix editor.

The Linguix Grammar and Spell Checker pops up on sites you enable it for and shows you a number in red of the mistakes you have. So you can rest assured once you install the extension, it gets to work immediately.

  • Browser availability: Chrome, Edge, and Firefox
  • Cost: Free with a paid premium version that gives you unlimited grammar checks, synonym suggestions, personalized language learning, and more

Wrapping it up

When you’re focusing on the content you’re trying to relay, it’s so easy to misspell simple words or make punctuation errors. So when it comes to spelling and grammar, it makes writing so much easier to have browser extensions like these that can double-check your work.

Do you already use one of these add-ons for help with your spelling and grammar? Or maybe there’s a different one that you’d like to recommend? Either way, please share your thoughts in the comments below!