How to create and use a template in Apple Pages

Create Custom Template in Pages Mac

When you use Apple Pages to create documents, there may be certain types that you compose often. From newsletters and brochures to business letters and meeting agendas, you might create these on a regular basis. If so, saving a document as a template has its advantages.

You can reuse the same template again and again, make only the changes to it that you need at the time, and retain the style, format, and foundation for consistency.

This tutorial shows you how to create and use templates of your own in Apple Pages.

The best free date and time calculators for iPhone

date and time calculators for iPhone

If you need to calculate dates and times, right down to the second, convenient tools for your iPhone do the work for you. Maybe you need to figure out a specific date in the future for a contract or an exact time that an event took place in the past.

For business, pleasure, or both, these are the best free date and time calculators for iPhone.

The best mileage tracking apps for iPhone

Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iPhone

If you need to keep track of your mileage for work or for your taxes, then there’s no better way to do it than with a mobile app. You know you’ll have your phone with you when you’re driving, so there’s no reason to keep a pen and paper in the glove box anymore.

These are the best mileage tracking apps for iPhone that let you log your miles automatically as you drive or manually if needed.

How to get two Slack apps on your iPhone and iPad

Slack Apps on iPhone

Slack is such a widely used communication tool for businesses and teams that if you belong to more than one Slack workspace, it can get overwhelming. You may have a large number of notifications displayed on the app badge icon, but until you open Slack, you don’t know which workspace they belong to.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have two separate instances of Slack on your iOS device? That way, you can use one for higher priority workspaces and the other for lower priority workspaces. Then, you can check the most important one when needed.

Luckily, we were able to catch a great tip from a recent episode of Cortex, a podcast hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley. So, here’s how to get two Slack apps on your iPhone or iPad.

T-Mobile begins offering iPhone and iPad business leasing

T-Mobile has announced an iPhone and iPad leasing program that extends financing from Apple to businesses activating 25 or more lines. For a limited time, the Un-carrier is also covering the first $100 of each device leased through the program. The service is also being provided with no up-front cost and lower monthly payments than purchasing. 

How to use Apple’s Stocks app on Mac

In macOS Mojave, Apple brought four iOS apps to Mac for the first time, including News, Home, Voice Memos, and Stocks. The last of these allows you to check the financial markets and also learn more about your favorite companies. Here's a look at how you use the new Stocks up in macOS Mojave.