Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iPhone

If you need to keep track of your mileage for work or for your taxes, then there’s no better way to do it than with a mobile app. You know you’ll have your phone with you when you’re driving, so there’s no reason to keep a pen and paper in the glove box anymore.

These are the best mileage tracking apps for iPhone that let you log your miles automatically as you drive or manually if needed.

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log

MileIQ Mileage Tracker and Log iPhone

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log offers both manual and automatic trip logging which is very handy. So, you can just jump in the car and go or enter your starting and ending locations for the log.

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log notable features:

  • View mileage and reports on clear charts and graphs for the month or year.
  • Categorize trips by business or personal and use subcategories within each.
  • Add and save different vehicles, frequently-visited locations, and mileage rates.
  • Receive regular mileage reports via email or push notification per week or month.

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log is a terrific mileage tracking app that gives you 40 trips per month for free and unlimited trips with a subscription plan.

  • Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Cost: Free with a subscription upgrade that offers unlimited trip tracking.

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker

TripLog Mileage and Gas Tracker iPhone

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker lets you track your trip using GPS, the AutoStart feature (paid), or by entering your trip details manually.

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker notable features:

  • View mileage and reports with both charts and graphs for most any time period, by vehicle, or by activity.
  • Categorize trips by your business or by personal, medical, or commute. Plus, you can add your own.
  • Log your fuel expenses separately with all of the details like date, vehicle, price, tax, odometer, and more.
  • Track income and expenses, connect a bank or credit card, and view all transactions easily.

TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker is the ideal app if you’re looking for more than trip tracking. Along with the notable features you can add locations, include mileage rates, and invite your accountant to access your reports directly from the app.

  • Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Cost: Free with a subscription upgrade for automatic tracking, unlimited vehicles, customizable reports, and more.

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote iPhone

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote is another app that lets you track your miles easily. Hit the plus button at the bottom to start tracking a trip or create a trip manually. You can also add an odometer reading if you’re logging that as well.

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote notable features:

  • View mileage on an easy-to-read graph by day, week, month, or year.
  • Categorize trips by business, personal, medical, or charity.
  • Review your mileage report by date range or trip type and then download it as a PDF or export it to Excel.
  • Add and save different vehicles, workplaces, and frequently-visited locations.

Mileage Tracker by Driversnote is a good app with nice extra features. If you want to use automatic trip tracking, you can upgrade the app an order an iBeacon. Otherwise, the ability to track a trip with a tap works just fine.

  • Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Cost: Free with a subscription upgrade that works with the iBeacon for automatic tracking.

All automatic mileage trackers

If you don’t want the ability to add trips manually or start them when you head out the door, you might like Simple Mileage Tracker (free) or MileLogger (free). They work with a drive detection feature, so every trip is automatically tracked.

Wrapping it up

If you need to keep track of your mileage, hopefully one of these apps is exactly what you want with the features you need. But if you use a different one that you swear by, please feel free to share it in the comments below.

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