How to have the same iPhone app on multiple Home Screens

iPhone Home Screen showing several app icons of the same app

Do you have such a useful app on your iPhone that you want to have its app icon on multiple Home Screens? In the past, you could only have an app either on the Dock or any one of the Home Screens. But thanks to a hidden trick in iOS 15, you can create app icons of the same app on the Dock and other Home Screens. You can even have the same app multiple times on the same Home Screen! Let us show you how.

How to set Google Chrome to autofill passwords anywhere on your iPhone

iPhone password autofill screen showing Google Chrome and iCloud Keychain on a yellow background

Chrome is the most popular browser available on Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and more. You might use its built-in Google Password Manager to store passwords and login information. To date, you might be using these saved passwords only inside Google Chrome. But you can easily set Chrome as the iPhone Password Manager on a system level and then autofill these passwords inside Safari, apps, and elsewhere. It'll work almost like iCloud Keychain.

Here's how to add Google Chrome as a password manager on iPhone to effortlessly autofill login details saved in it.

How to fix WhatsApp not working on iPhone

How to fix WhatsApp not working on iPhone

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, and even iPhone users love it as, unlike iMessage, it allows cross-platform communication. However, if WhatsApp is not working on your iPhone, we have the solutions to fix it.

So, whether WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business is not connecting or stuck on the connecting screen, not receiving new messages, not sending new text notifications, failing to make voice and video calls, or having any such problems, here are the fixes. Let us get your WhatsApp working again!

How to merge and split PDF documents on iPhone and iPad

PDF app icon

We share school documents, college projects, rent agreements, payment invoices, and more as PDFs. At times, it becomes necessary to merge two or more PDFs into a single file. For example, to combine three monthly invoices for a quarterly report. Similarly, sometimes you might want to split one big PDF into two or more parts. Like, while doing a group project using a big reference PDF. It is easy to merge and split PDFs straight from your iPhone or iPad. You can use the Files app, third-party iOS/iPadOS apps, Apple Shortcuts apps, and more. Let us show you multiple free ways to do this.