Adam Demasi takes over as the lead maintainer of the Zebra package manager

Today’s jailbreak tools tend to install one of two different package manager apps: Cydia or Sileo. But those are far from the only package manager apps in existence today. Popular alternatives to Cydia and Sileo that can be installed by the end user include both Installer and Zebra.

We’re no stranger to either of the aforementioned package manager apps here at iDownloadBlog, but it’s worth noting that Zebra is now under new management as iOS developer Adam Demasi (@hkirb) has officially taken over this month as the project’s lead maintainer. Those shoes were previously filled by Wilson Styres (@willywurr).

Reimagine what’s possible from the iPhone’s Home Screen with AppEditor

One thing that I’ve always liked about having a jailbroken iPhone is that I can get to important things more quickly than I could on a stock handset. This is all because of the different types of shortcuts and extensions that you can have on a device that’s no longer being subjected to Apple’s native software restrictions.

While there’s certainly no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that permit handy shortcuts and functionality from almost anywhere in iOS, those who consider themselves to be power users may have something to gain from the likes of a newly released jailbreak tweak called AppEditor by iOS developer @CrazyMind90.