Song, Newsvoice, Neongraf and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

In this edition of our Apps of the Week roundup, we have an easy-to-use music creation app, a news client that wants to help you be more informed, and a cyberpunk-themed photo editor. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.

Song – Musico

Song is a music creation app that that makes it super easy to make your own…music. The interface is laid out in a giant hexagon, giving you control over things like tempo and various instruments like drums, guitar and bass. You can even toss in a voice recording. So if you like creating music, but aren’t particularly great with actual instruments, check out Song this weekend!

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If you don’t like the current state of news, you may want to take a look at Newsvoice. Built on crowdsourcing, the app posts only the latest and top-trending stories in your personalized feed, with their sources clearly labeled. Features include easy-to-read summaries and built-in discussion tools for sharing opinions and ideas. And with the latest update, the app will even read the news to you.

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What can I say? I’m a sucker for cyberpunk photo editors. I know we’ve had apps similar to Neongraf in the past, but this one is also worth your consideration. The interface is sharp and intuitive, making it real easy to apply any of the 24 cyberpunk style presets. There are also a number of filters and other editing tools—all unlocked by a single purchase. No IAPs or subscriptions here.

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Do or Die – Party Game Dares

Liven up your next party with the fun group game Do or Die. It’s essentially like ‘Truth or Dare,’ except it’s mostly dares. So a player is given a dare like ‘show your search history to the group,’ or ‘text the 35th person in your Contacts “You Up?” and if they chose not to do it, they are considered out. The person who does the most dares is the last person standing, and therefore the winner.

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Doors: Awakening

Upon waking up from an accident, you see a portal with the shadow of a little boy staring at you, and he drops a letter. You chase him through a string of portals, collecting his letters that eventually tell a mysterious story that ends with you making a tough choice. Doors: Awakening is a crafty puzzle game with beautiful 3D graphics, atmospheric audio and a cutting edge AR mode.

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