How to delete photos, links and attachments in Messages on iOS

Delete Photos Links Attachments Messages iPhone

Managing photos, links, and attachments in the Messages app on iOS is easier since the iOS 13 update. You can jump into a conversation and remove those types of items.

Whether you’re looking to free up some space or just remove items that you don’t want lingering on your device, here’s how to delete photos, links, and attachments in Messages.

Delete photos, attachments, and links

Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and head to a conversation containing something you want to delete. Then, just follow these steps.

1) Tap the contact’s name at the top of the conversation window.

2) Select the Information icon (small letter “i”).

3) Scroll down and you’ll see categories for Photos, Links, and Attachments.

4) For individual items, you can tap, hold, and select Delete from the shortcut menu.

Delete Individual Item Messages iPhone

For several items, select See All Photos, Links, or Attachments.

5) Tap Select on the top.

6) Choose the items and then tap Delete on the bottom.

7) Confirm that you want to remove those items by tapping Delete again.

Delete Several Items Messages iPhone

You can then tap the arrow at the top to go back and then tap Done at the top if you’re finished.

Delete items in the conversation window

You can also get rid of items right from within your conversation if you like which is basically deleting a message. Open Messages, tap the conversation, and then do the following.

1) Tap and hold the photo, link, or attachment.

2) Select More.

3) On the next screen, the item will have a checkmark. From there you can select additional items if you want.

4) Tap Delete (trash can icon) on the bottom.

5) Confirm that you want to remove those items by tapping Delete again.

Delete Conversation Item Messages iPhone

Wrapping it up

Being able to delete photos, links, and attachments directly from the Messages app, like older versions of iOS, just make sense. And it’s simple and quick, regardless of which of method you use.

Is there anything you’re struggling with in the Messages app? If so, let us know!