How to show email attachments as icons in the Mail app on Mac

If you send or receive emails on your Mac, then you might run into an attachment on occasion. For some file types, OS X displays the attachment inline with text, but in the case of high-resolution images, this can sometimes impact email readability.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to display attachments in the Mail app on your Mac as icons.

How to save email attachments to iPhone and iPad

Want to save email attachments to your iPhone or iPad? Downloading email attachments to your iOS device is not complicated per say, but it’s not very straightforward either. In this post, we’ll show you how to save attachments from emails received via the Mail app on iPhone or iPad.

How to annotate email attachments in iOS with Markup

One of the major features that shipped with iOS 9 was Markup, better known for the ability to draw on and annotate attachments of various file types that you receive in the Mail app and then send them back to the original sender, or someone else for that matter.

Despite how useful this feature is, few people actually use it, either because they don’t know it exists or they don’t know how to access it. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through how to access it and cover some of the features it provides.

iOS 9 includes Markup feature to let you annotate email attachments

Similar to a feature that first made its way to the Mail app under OS X Yosemite, iOS 9 now includes Markup, a tool that lets you annotate email attachments, including image files as well as PDFs, effectively turning the Mail app into a more powerful one with a growing focus on productivity.

Just like its OS X counterpart, Markup for iOS 9 allows you to sketch, zoom, add text, and sign documents on the go. Absent from the list of annotations is the Shape button, which lets you easily insert squares, circles, etc.

Markup for iOS 9 works for both incoming or outgoing attachments, meaning that you can annotate either the attachments you receive, or those that you send. This seems to actually go hand in hand with another new iOS 9 feature that lets you attach documents from iCloud Drive.

iOS 9 lets you save email attachments to iCloud Drive

iOS 9 offers a new feature that allows you to save attachments received via emails to iCloud Drive. Similar to the way iOS currently lets you save email attachments to third-party services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, this new feature takes advantage of the Share extension, bringing a new Save Attachment icon for easy sharing to your iCloud Drive.

AnyAttach updated with support for iOS 6 and other improvements

Good news today for AnyAttach fans. The popular jailbreak tweak, which allows you to attach any file available on your iOS device to an outgoing e-mail, has been updated to support iOS 6.

Pimskeks, known for his work on the evasi0n jailbreak, released the update yesterday. And in addition to iOS 6 support, it also includes new Dropbox features and other improvements…

Attachments+ for Mail adds powerful options to the stock Mail app

Attachments+ for Mail is a new jailbreak tweak that modifies iOS’s stock Mail app to be able to handle a wide array of attachments. It integrates directly with libfinder to provide an iFile-like interface to peruse iOS’ native file structure.

Attachments+ for Mail allows you to attach files of any type directly from the file system by means of the copy and paste menu. The ability to preview files, attach multiple files, and compress files prior to attaching, is also present. Check out our full video walkthrough of the tweak in action inside…