Apple TV+ is now available

Apple TV+ promo banner for. The Morning Show

Earlier this year, Apple officially unveiled one of its biggest new endeavors: a video streaming service filled with original content called Apple TV+. And now it’s available to the masses.

First things first: Apple TV+ isn’t just for folks who own Apple products. We’ll get into a bit more later, but, similar to Apple Music, Apple TV+ is available beyond the walled garden of Apple-branded products. That means even more people will be able to enjoy the content available on the streaming service, which, at launch, is just a a handful of TV series.

But more is on the way, including original films, documentaries, and more.

The basics look like this: Apple TV+ is $4.99 per month. Apple is offering a 7-day free trial for folks who want to give the content available on the service a try before they fork over their cash. In addition to that, Apple is also giving 12 months of free service of Apple TV+ if you buy a new or refurbished Apple product that can stream Apple TV+ (so not AirPods or an Apple Watch, unfortunately). That deal is available as of September 10.

As mentioned above, Apple TV+ is available beyond Apple’s own devices, too. Smart TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Visio have already released software updates for their TVs that adds that Apple TV app to the digital lineup. With that app owners of those smart TVs will be able to access a variety of features, including Apple TV Channels, but, more than anything else, they can also watch Apple TV+ original content.

Amazon and Roku also support the Apple TV app and Apple TV+.

With Apple TV+ now available, we’ve got a brief breakdown of what’s available right out of the gate just below. And, after that, a look at what’s coming soon (or further down the pipe).

So, let’s dig in and take a look at what you can watch on Apple TV+ on day one!

Available at launch

  • The Morning Show: This series “pulls back the curtain on early morning TV”. It stars Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies), Jennifer Aniston (Friends), and Steve Carnell (The Office) in an “unapologetically candid drama” that aims to focus on the modern day workplace all through the “lens of the people who help America wake up”.
  • See: This is a post-apocalyptic series where a virus has “decimated humankind”, and the remaining survivors are all blind. Centuries later a pair of f twins are born with the ability to see, and their father, series star Jason Momoa (Aquaman) must battle those who would try to take his children.
  • Dickinson: This comedy series stars Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee) as the poet Emily Dickinson. This is a coming-of-age story of a young woman who wants to be the world’s greatest poet, but she must contend with her time’s traditions.
  • For All Mankind: This sci-fi drama imagines a time when the global space race never ended. It shines a spotlight on NASA astronauts, engineers, and their families as they navigate the personal dramas of life on the ground and in the stars. It features a laundry list of actors, including Joel Kinnaman (The Killing).
  • The Elephant Queen: This is a documentary about an elephant herd that must navigate the unforgiving African landscape. It’s a story about courage, coming home, and family. It is narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange).
  • Helpsters: Cody leads a friendly gang of monsters who love to solve problems. This os one of Apple TV+’s programs for kids, and it will show how teamwork can help solve even the toughest problems as long as you start with a plan.
  • Ghostwriter: A ghost starts haunting a neighborhood bookstore and it’s up to four kids to find out why fictional characters are popping up in their small town. The kids will team up to figure out the ghosts’ unfinished business on earth, and unfurl an exciting mystery along the way. Another one of Apple TV+’s programs for kids.
  • Snoopy in Space: Tag along with Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang as Snoopy tries to become an astronaut. Snoopy will eventually take command of the International Space Station and travel to the Moon and beyond.
  • Oprah’s Book Club: Oprah sits down with authors from a range of genres to talk about their work, process, and much more. It will coexist with the brand new Oprah’s Book Club in Apple Books as well.

What’s coming soon

  • Hala: Geraldine Viswanathan plays Hala, a 17-year-old who struggles to balance being a suburban teenager with her traditional Muslim upbringing. The original film will see Hala “grappling with a secret that threatens to unravel her family”. This is still listed as “coming soon” without an exact date.
  • Servant: From M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense), this is a psychological thriller that sees a couple from Philadelphia pulled apart by an unspeakable tragedy. That tragedy also allows a “mysterious force” to enter their home. This series will be available on November 28.
  • Truth Be Told: Starring Octavia Spencer (Ma) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), this is a drama that sees podcaster Poppy Parnell (Spencer) reopening a case that initially made her famous. Parnell must try to discover if she put the wrong man behind bars.

There is much more coming down the pipe. That includes a recreation of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series. There is also the follow-up to Band of Brothes and The Pacific on the way entitled Masters of the Air. We can also expect to see the Amazing Stories reboot from Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park), and an adaptation of “The Sky is Everywhere” from author Jandy Nelson.

Ted Lasso will see Jason Sudeikis (Colossal) reprising his role for the comedy series, and we’ve got Clive Owen (Children of Men) and Julianne Moore (Children of Men) joining forces for the upcoming Stephen King adaptation of “Lisey’s Story”. And beyond that, legendary director Alfonso Cuaron (Children of MenGravity) has signed on for a multi-year deal with Apple TV+, which will see a variety of series come to the streaming platform in the future.

So, there we go. What do you think of the launch lineup, and what we know is coming in the future? Are you excited to start watching Apple TV+ content? Let us know in the comments which series you’re most excited to check out.