How to create a station in the Podcasts app on Mac

Podcasts Created Station Mac

Just like creating a playlist of songs you love in the Music app you can create a station of shows you enjoy in the Podcasts app. The Podcasts app isn’t new for iOS users, but it is new to Mac as of macOS Catalina. So if you haven’t used it before or simply haven’t created your own station, this tutorial is for you.

Here’s how to create a station in the Podcasts app on Mac.

Create a station in Podcasts

You can create a station that includes your favorite podcasts or group similar ones like finance or films. Whichever way you decide to go, it’s easy to create a station with podcasts you subscribe to and here’s how.

1) Open the Podcasts app on your Mac and click File > New Station from the menu bar.

2) Name your station and click Save.

Podcasts New Station Mac

3) When the Station Settings window pops open, you’ll set up your station.

  • Play: Select to play shows in manual show order, newest to oldest, oldest to newest, or manual.
  • Group by Podcast: Enable this feature to organize your station by podcast.
  • Episodes: Select to play all episodes, the most recent, or the most recent two, three, five, or ten.
  • Media Type: Choose audio, video, or all media types.
  • Unplayed Only: Enable this feature to include only episodes you haven’t played yet.
Podcasts Station Settings Mac

4) Click Choose Podcasts. You’ll see how many you are subscribed to and can then select all of the them or just specific ones.

5) Click Done when you finish.

Podcasts Station Shows Mac

And that’s all there is to creating your very own station in the Podcasts app on Mac!

What’s nice about the Podcasts app on Mac and the ability to create a station is that it syncs with your iOS device. So you can create a station on Mac and listen to it on your iPhone or add a podcast to your station on iPad and it will pop up on your Mac.

Station in Podcasts iPhone

Change your station

To change the settings or add more shows to your station, you can right-click or hold Control and click the station in the sidebar and pick Settings. Or, you can click the More (three-dot icon) button on the station screen and choose Settings from there.

Podcasts Station Access Settings Mac

You can also Play your station or Delete it from that shortcut menu.

Wrapping it up

The Podcasts app is another great addition to the built-in apps on Mac. What do you think about Podcasts on Mac? Will you use it just as much of or in place of the iOS app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

And, make sure you check out our podcast, Let’s Talk iOS, for your new station!