List, Neoncam, My Spot and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup includes a powerful list-maker, an edgy photo editor and a helpful location marker. And as always, we’ve picked out two great new games for you to try.

List ◎

List…and I guess that’s a bullseye? Anyway, it’s a powerful list-making app that is packed full of features such as pre-made templates for activities like packing and grocery shopping, iCloud-syncing, reminders, and much more. You can also create your own categories, reuse lists and manage item quantities.

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Looking to make your IG posts pop a bit more? Check out Neoncam. It’s a photo editor based on the neon-cyberpunk esthetic—so like inverted colors, glowing edges, things like that. It offers more than 100 handcrafted looks, dozens of customizable effects and settings, and it works with both photos and videos.

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My Spot

My Spot is a simple app that allows you to find, mark and share locations of interest to you. Yes, obviously most major map apps do this. But MS takes things quite a bit further with features like in-map photos, tags and descriptions, and the ability to see other users’ spots.

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Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North is charming but brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Defend your idyllic island kingdom against a horde of Viking invaders, as you lead the desperate exodus of your people. Features include procedurally-generated islands and unlockable upgrades, and there are no ads or in-app purchases.

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Zoo Battle Arena is a twist on the traditional battle royale genre. You choose a character, one of 10 animals, and you must help them fight for survival in the zoo. Each character has a special skill, and how you use it against the 19 other characters will determine the course of each one of your battles.

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