How to use picture-in-picture in QuickTime Player on Mac

Picture-in-picture QuickTime Player

If you use QuickTime Player on your Mac for checking out videos and watching movies, you’ll like the new feature brought with macOS Catalina. You can enable picture-in-picture in the app so that you can continue watching while doing other things.

You can use picture-in-picture in QuickTime Player on Mac easily and here’s how.

Enable and use picture-in-picture in QuickTime Player

Pop open QuickTime Player on your Mac to a video or movie you want to watch. Then do the following to enable picture-in-picture (PiP).

1) Click the Picture-in-Picture button in the Navigation Controller at the bottom.

Enable picture-in-picture QuickTime Player

2) The QuickTime Player window will shrink and move to a corner of your screen. You can resize it by dragging out from one of the edges.

Resize picture-in-picture QuickTime Player

And you can move it by clicking and dragging it. When you move it, the app will snap to the nearest corner on your screen.

3) Use the Play and then Pause button to control playback.

4) Click the X in the corner of the window or the Picture-in-Picture button to return it to its original size.

Use picture-in-picture in QuickTime Player

Notes on picture-in-picture in QuickTime Player

Here are just a few extras to keep in mind when using picture-in-picture in QuickTime Player.

  • You can enable picture-in-picture while a file is playing. It will shrink and move uninterrupted.
  • When you enable picture-in-picture, the QuickTime Player window will play on top of your other open app windows, even if the other apps are in full-screen mode.
  • Picture-in-picture mode currently only works in playback, not when you are recording with QuickTime.
  • You can exit picture-in-picture while a file is playing and like when you enable it, it will continue to play while it returns to its original size and location.

Wrapping it up

The picture-in-picture feature in QuickTime Player is a nice addition to the app. You don’t have to miss a beat with your videos or movies because you can continue to work or play while watching.

What do you think of this new QuickTime Player feature? Is it something you’ll use? Let us know!