How to use Activation Lock on Apple Watch

Activation Lock Apple Watch Watch App iPhone

If you just got your first Apple Watch, you’ve probably gone through the pairing to your iPhone, downloading of cool apps, and enabling of notifications. There’s one other thing that you should do which is set up Find My iPhone and this includes what’s called Activation Lock.

Here’s how to use Activation Lock on Apple Watch.

What is Activation Lock on Apple Watch?

Find My iPhone and Activation Lock will turn on for your Apple Watch automatically when you set up Find My iPhone on the phone paired with your Watch.

In case you lose your Apple Watch or it is stolen, Activation Lock prevents someone else from using your Watch. Your Apple ID will be required to unpair the Watch, pair it with a new phone, or turn off Find My iPhone.

If you need help setting up and using Find My iPhone, we have a few tutorials in our Find My iPhone section. You can also check out how to track a lost or stolen device with Find My iPhone.

Is Activation Lock turned on for your Apple Watch?

You can assume that by setting up Find My iPhone that Activation Lock is turned on, on your Apple Watch. But for an added sense of security, there’s an easy way to find out.

1) Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select the My Watch tab.

2) Tap your Apple Watch at the top.

3) On the next screen, tap the Information icon (small letter “i”).

4) If you see Find My Apple Watch displayed, like in the screenshot below, then Activation Lock is turned on.

Find My Apple Watch in Watch App iPhone

How can you turn off Activation Lock?

Apple recommends that before you sell, give away, or send in your Apple Watch for service, you turn off Activation Lock. This is as easy as unpairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

Wrapping it up

Activation Lock on Apple Watch is there to prevent someone else from using your Watch. And using Find My iPhone is ideal for making sure no one can use your other devices if they become lost or stolen.

Have you ever had to use Find My iPhone to track down one of your devices? Let us know your experience in the comments below!