How to disable Today View on your Lock Screen

Empty Today View on iPhone

The Today View on your iPhone or iPad is a convenient spot for widgets. You can check the weather, see your device’s battery levels, use the calculator, and much more. But, if you just want a quick view of your Notification Center when your device is locked, the Today View can get in the way. It’s easy to accidentally swipe when looking at your notifications and Today View pops right open.

If you’re not a fan of the Today View feature and never use it, you can turn it off. While you cannot remove or disable the Today View completely, you can disable it on your Lock Screen and here’s how.

Disable Today View on your Lock Screen

Grab your iPhone or iPad and then follow these simple steps to disable Today View on your Lock Screen.

1) Open your Settings and select Touch ID & Passcode.

2) Enter your passcode when prompted.

3) Scroll down to Allow Access When Locked and turn off the toggle for Today View.

You’ll also notice that you can disable other features when your device is locked such as Notification Center, Siri, and Control Center.

Disable Today View on iPhone Lock Screen

When you finish, tap the top left to go back to your Settings screen if you need to make other changes or just close the app.

Remove the Today View widgets

As mentioned, you cannot disable the Today View completely on your device; only for the Lock Screen. But to make it less distracting you can remove all of the widgets from it. So, if you accidentally swipe to it when your device is unlocked, the screen can be blank.

1) Open Today View, scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.

2) Tap the minus sign for a widget and then tap Remove when it appears. Do this for each widget until they are all removed from the top.

3) Tap Done.

Now when you open Today View, it will be completely empty.

Remove All Widgets from Today View iPhone

Wrapping it up

Today View is one of those features that can come in super handy. But like any other feature, it’s not for everyone. What do you think of Today View? Are you going to remove it from your Lock Screen?