How to see the battery percentage of Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone or iPad

There are multiple ways to know the current charge of Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone or iPad. In this tutorial, we’ll share how you can check the remaining battery percentage of your headphones, wireless earbuds, mouse, or any other Bluetooth accessory.

See Bluetooth device battery level on your iPhone

In the Batteries widget

The batteries widget is the best place to keep track of the remaining power of your iPhone or iPad as well as accessories connected to it like Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple Pencil, wireless keyboard, battery packs, and other hands-free Bluetooth devices from non-Apple manufacturers. You can add the batteries widget to the following locations.

On the Home Screen

Add the batteries widget to your iPhone Home Screen. If you don’t already know the steps, we have a separate tutorial that shows you how to add widgets to the Home Screen. Once you have the batteries widget on your Home Screen, it will display the remaining charge level of your iPhone and any other device connected to it.

Batteries widget on iPhone Home Screen displaying battery percentage of connected devices

In Today View

Today View is the screen you see when you swipe right on the first Home Screen page or the Lock Screen. You can also get to Today View by swiping right in the Notification Center.

From here, tap Edit > plus button > Batteries > pick a widget size and hit Add Widget. Finally, finish by tapping Done.

You have successfully added the batteries widget to the Today View, which will display the battery percentage of your Bluetooth devices.

Batteries widget in iPhone Today View displaying battery level of Bluetooth devices

On the Lock Screen

You can add the tiny batteries widget to your iOS 16 Lock Screen. Once you do that, it will show the battery charge of your devices. Plus, it’s easy to customize the iPhone Lock Screen batteries widget and have it display only the battery percentage of the device you choose.

Batteries widgets on iPhone Lock Screen

In the Settings app

You can see the remaining charge of your AirPods, AirPods case, and some Beats headphones in the Settings app. To do that, make sure your wireless buds are connected to your iPhone. Next, open the Settings app and tap your AirPods name from the top to see its current battery.

See AirPods battery percentage in iPhone Settings app

In Control Control

Swipe down from the top right of the iPhone screen to access the Control Center. On iPhones with a front Home button, you’ll have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Once you’re there, you can see the battery level using the following methods.

Now Playing tile

  1. Make sure your AirPods are connected to your iPhone.
  2. Open the Control Center and tap the tiny AirPods icon from the top right of the Now Playing tile. It will expand and show you the battery percentage of your AirPods.
AirPods battery percentage in iPhone Now Playing tile of the Control Center

Next to the small headphone icon

Headphones from certain manufacturers even show a tiny battery indicator next to the headphone icon in the Control Center. While this doesn’t show the precise battery percentage, it gives you a rough idea of the remaining charge.

Bluetooth buds battery charge in iPhone Control Center

On the connection animation

When you open your AirPods case, Beats headphones case, or connect your Apple Pencil, you might see an animation on your iPhone or iPad screen that shows the battery percentage.

This may work even for some non-Apple Bluetooth buds.

AirPods and Case battery percentage animation on iPhone

In third-party apps

Finally, some third-party apps can also display the battery percentage of Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone. This is somewhat unnecessary, as the iOS batteries widget is enough. But you can download the official app of your Bluetooth watch, headphone, stylus, or such device and see the battery percentage there.

Besides that, general third-party apps like Battery Life also allow you to note the remaining charge of your connected Bluetooth devices.

Battery Life app showing the battery percentage of connected devices on iPhone

Is there any other way to see the battery of connected Bluetooth devices on your iPhone? If yes, please share that with us using the comments section below.

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