How to set up Mail rules for emails

Just like you can set up rules on your Mac for the Mail app, you can do the same for Mail. You can move messages, mark them a certain way, or forward them automatically without even touching them. This is a terrific way to keep your inbox organized and find the emails you need much faster.

The rules for emails on may not be as flexible as those in Mac Mail, but they can still be quite helpful. Here’s how to set up Mail rules for emails.

iCloud Mail rules

Set up your email rules

1) Head over to, sign into your account using your Apple ID, and click Mail to get started.

2) Click the settings button (gear icon) from the top left and select Preferences.

Preferences in iCloud Mail on web

3) Select Rules and click Add Rule.

Add rule in iCloud Mail on web

4) Start at the top of the small box with If a message. Select an option from the drop-down box. You can choose from conditions like if a message is from a certain sender or has a particular word in the subject.

5) Once you choose your condition, add what’s necessary in the text box below it. For instance, if you choose has subject containing, you would enter the word or phrase in the box you want the application to look for.

6) Now, move on to the Then section. Select what you want to do with the message using the options in the first drop-down box. You can pick from things like move to a folder, move to trash, or forward to another address.

7) Depending on what you choose for the Then option, complete the process by picking from the next drop-down box. For example, if you choose to move the messages to a folder, pick which folder in that box.

8) When you finish, click Add. You’ll then see your rule displayed in the list. If you’ve finished setting up rules, click Done once more to close the Rules window.

Adding rule to iCloud Mail on web

You can set up more than one rule for your Mail by following the same process. Just keep in mind that the first rule in your list that matches an incoming email will apply first.

Reorder rules

If you want to reorder your rules, just select one to move, grab the three-line icon on the right, and drag it to its new location in the list.

Edit or delete rules

If you want to edit or delete a rule later, click the rule and then make changes or delete the rule.

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