How to get your missing songs and playlists back on Apple Music

Music Library Playlists on iPhone

Being able to listen to music on your iPhone or iPad is cool and convenient. You can add tons of songs to your library and access those tunes across devices. But what happens if those playlists and songs are suddenly gone? Or, you purchase a new device, think you’re synced, open the Music app, and it’s empty.

This is a simple fix. Here’s how to get your songs and playlists back on Apple Music.

Enable iCloud Music Library

To get your music back and ready to be heard, just follow these simple steps.

1) Open your Settings.

2) Select Music.

3) Enable iCloud Music Library by moving the slider to green.

Enable iCloud Music Library iPhone

Now, head back over to your Music app and check your Library. Your playlists, albums, and songs should all be there.

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Wrapping it up

Whether you listen at home, in the office, on your way to class, or at the store, having your favorite songs handy on your device can make all the difference.

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