Final Cut Pro X update brings third-party extension support

Apple on Thursday announced a major new update to Final Cut Pro X, bringing third-party extension support to the professional video app, plus other new features and enhancements.

Video editors can now take advantage of extensions from the likes of, Shutterstock and CatDV. These handy workflow extensions make it possible to use third-party tools and services from within the Final Cut Pro interface, enhancing production workflows.

Other features in Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4 include batch sharing (especially useful when transcoding dailies on set for quick turnaround or delivering multiple versions of a project), video noise reduction and a handy comparison viewer that makes it simple to view reference images while color-grading clips in the timeline, among other enhancements.

A new timecode window for collaborative editing displays project and source timecode in customizable, floating timecode windows, as shown on the screenshot right below. Apple says this lets video editors and others in the editing room follow along by displaying color-coded clip names, roles, project timecode and source timecode in a customizable display.

Other enhancements include:

  • High-quality video noise reduction: Minimizes artifacts in low light or archival footage.
  • SRT closed captions: You can now create and deliver closed captions in SRT format or, alternatively, burn them into the video stream itself for compatibility reasons.
  • Improved marquee selection: Quickly select individual clips or the entire secondary storyline which saves valuable time for common edit operations.
  • Batch sharing: Export multiple clips or projects in one step.

And here’s the full changelog:

Workflow extensions

  • Extend the capabilities of Final Cut Pro with third-party extensions that open directly within the app interface.
  • Drag and drop clips between the extension window, browser and timeline.
  • Connect to existing third-party accounts to access projects, download media and purchase content.
  • Deep integration allows extensions to control timeline playback, navigation, clip markers and more.
  • Workflow extensions include tools for collaboration (, stock media (Shutterstock) and asset management (CatDV)

Batch share

  • Export and transcode multiple clips in the browser—with or without a camera LUT—for fast turnaround of dailies and other reviews.
  • Select and export multiple projects.
  • Combine batch sharing with bundles to encode multiple files to multiple formats in one step.
  • Monitor export progress in the background tasks window.

Video noise reduction

  • Apply the high-quality, drag-and-drop noise reduction effect to reduce grain and video noise.
  • Use simple controls to quickly adjust the look and amount of noise reduction.
  • Easily change processing order by dragging the noise reduction effect in the inspector.
  • The viewer shows the noise reduction effect when paused and disables the effect when skimming for optimal performance.
  • Apply 360° noise reduction to 360° video clips while preserving a flawless seam.

Timecode window

  • View project and source timecode in one or more floating timecode windows.
  • Resize the timecode window and drag any one to a second screen.
  • Choose to display clip names and role names.
  • Color coding in the timecode window matches the colors of roles in the timeline

Comparison Viewer

  • Open the Comparison Viewer to reference other frames for consistent color grading across your project.
  • Quickly select the previous or next clip in the timeline as your reference frame.
  • Save any image to the frame browser to reference it later in the Comparison Viewer.

Tiny Planet

  • Select the Tiny Planet mapping option when adding 360º video to a non-360° project to create interesting spherical looks.
  • Use the roll and tilt parameters to wrap your tiny planet effect into an infinite cylinder.
  • Adjust the pan parameter to move your subject horizontally within the tiny planet.
  • Animate the field of view to transition from a close up to a satellite view flying high above your footage.
  • Give 360° titles and generators a powerfully warped look by applying the Tiny Planet mapping option.

Other new features

  • View, edit, and deliver closed captions in the SRT format, which is used by a wide range of websites including Facebook.
  • Choose to burn closed captions into your video to ensure they appear at all times during playback.
  • When dragging in the timeline to select a secondary storyline, you can now select individual clips or the entire secondary storyline.
  • Instantly turn any photo or video into a comic book illustration using Comic filter then refine the comic book look with simple controls to adjust ink edges, fill and smoothness

Motion and Compressor were updated today, too.

Motion received a comprehensive set of color grading tools and fun new filters. Compressor adopted a new 64-bit engine while maintaining support for 32-bit codecs.

Final Cut Pro 10.4.4 is available at no charge to existing users. New customers can get Final Cut Pro X for $300 from Mac App Store.

Education customers can purchase Apple’s Pro Apps Bundle for Education for $199.99, which includes Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X and MainStage.