Twitter puts Alex Jones’ account in read-only mode for a week over an offending tweet

Twitter’s boss Jack Dorsey promised he would not ban “InfoWars” nor Alex Jones from the platform, but that didn’t stop his company from temporarily suspending Jones’ account for a period of seven days over a recent, now deleted, tweet that has violated its policy.

CNET says Twitter confirmed Tuesday that Jones’ account is under temporary suspension. The controversial radio show host and right-wing conspiracy theorist is still permitted to browse Twitter posts, but he cannot interact with his followers by tweeting or retweeting or liking other posts.

“Jones is also required to delete the offending tweet, Twitter said, although it wasn’t immediately clear which tweet had been singled out,” reads the article.

In defending his company’s decision not to ban Jones from the micro-blogging platform, the CEO said he hasn’t broken the site’s rules that would justify a ban.

In recent days, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Vimeo all followed Apple’s example in a likely co-ordinated industry effort to remove Jones’ shows from their platforms.

Apple’s Tim Cook and Eddy Cue are reported to have made the decision to delist nearly all of Jones’ “Infowars” shows from the iTunes directory over hate speech.

While Jones’ offending shows no longer appear in search on iTunes and Podcasts, users can still download and listen the episodes manually by adding their feed URL to the Podcasts app.

The official Infowars app remains on App Store.