How to delete all duplicate photos at once on iPhone and iPad

Shooting burst photos, HDR images, taking screenshots, chat apps saving the same image twice, and device syncing are some of the main reasons that create duplicate pictures on your iPhone and iPad. This tutorial shows you how to delete duplicate photos from your iPhone library for free. Doing so will remove the clutter and help save space on your iPhone and iCloud account.

Remove duplicate photos from iPhone

How to remove duplicate photos manually on iPhone and iPad

Apple doesn’t offer a way to recognize, bundle, and delete duplicate images at once. Thus, you will have to find and clear them manually or use a third-party app. If you don’t have a lot of photos on your iPhone, your best bet might be to delete the duplicate items manually.

Here’s how to remove duplicate images from iPhone and iPad:

1) Open your Photos app and tap Recents. If you know duplicate photos in a particular album like WhatsApp, go to that album. You can also scroll down and from under Media Types, tap a section like Screenshots, Selfies, Bursts. Usually, people take several selfies and bursts that look similar.

2) Tap Select and manually select the images.


  • To select multiple images quickly, place your finger on one image and slide to select everything that comes in the way
  • To go to the top of the list, tap once on the top of your iPhone screen, where the battery icon is
  • You can also tap the three dots icon to set filters and see only your edited pictures
  • To reduce the size of the image thumbnails so that you can see more photos without scrolling, pinch in with two fingers
  • If you wish to see images by month and year, tap Library from the bottom-left and pinch in and pinch out with two fingers

3) Once you have selected similar-looking images, tap the trash icon.

4) Tap Delete X Photos to confirm.

Manually delete duplicate photos on iPhone

5) Finally, you can go to the Recently Deleted section and remove the duplicates.

If you are unable to delete some photos, that’s because they were synced to your iPhone from your Mac or PC. Here’s what to do if you can’t delete photos on your iPhone.

How to remove all duplicate photos at once on iPhone and iPad

When you have a huge library of images, manually selecting and deleting duplicate photos can be a challenge. You can use third-party apps to find and delete exact or similar pictures in these situations.

We’ll use Remo Duplicate Photos Remover for this tutorial because it’s free to use and works even when your iPhone is in Airplane mode. This offers peace of mind that the operation to remove your duplicate photos can be done locally on your device without any data exchange from online servers.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover allows you to delete all exact duplicates and also see similar photos. The app works well, although its layout looks dated.

Here’s how to find all similar or duplicate photos on iPhone and delete them in batch:

1) Open Remo Duplicate Photos Remover and allow it to access your photos. You may have to wait for a few seconds or close and reopen the app to proceed.

2) Tap Scan.

3) Once the app scans all your duplicates, you’ll see an alert informing you of the exact image copies on your iPhone and the size they are occupying. Tap OK.

Scan for duplicate pictures on iPhone

4) Under the Exact tab, tap a photo and then the trash icon to delete it. You can also tap the three dots icon and choose Select All. This will automatically check all duplicates (except their one copy).

Select all duplicate photos on iPhone

5) Next, tap the trash icon and tap Delete to confirm the removal of all duplicate images.

Delete exact duplicate images in bulk on iPhone

6) After this, tap the Similar tab to delete photos that aren’t exactly duplicate files but look identical. Make sure you manually review the images here before deleting them.

This is how you can effortlessly remove tons of exact duplicate images from your iPhone Photos app. If you think you accidentally deleted an image, open the Photos app > Albums > Recently Deleted > Select > Recover.

Some other iOS apps worth considering to delete duplicate photos on iPhone and iPad are:

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