How to remove duplicate photos from your iPhone library

Remove Duplicate Photos
Smartphones allow us to document our lives, one photo at a time. Unfortunately, online services and device syncing can lead to duplicate photos piling up on our photo libraries. Luckily, there are software solutions that allow you to remove duplicate photos quickly and easily. In this article, you’ll learn how to remove duplicate photos from your iPhone library. In doing so, you’ll remove the clutter and save space.

Remove duplicate photos manually

If you don’t have a lot of photos on your iPhone, but you still want to remove duplicates, your best bet might be to delete the items manually.

To manually remove duplicate images:

1) Open your Photos app.

2) Select Photos at the bottom of this screen to arrange your pictures in chronological order with the newest items at the bottom.

3) Hit Select at the top right of the screen and click on the photos you want to delete.

4) With the master Select link chosen, you can also hit the Select link next to each date where images are located. When you do, iOS will grab every image on that data for deletion.

5) When you’re done selecting, click on the dustbin icon at the bottom right of the screen.

6) Hit the Delete X Photos message to remove the images selected or hit Cancel to end the process.

Delete Duplicate Images Manually

Did you make a mistake? Removed images are kept for up to 40 days and stored in the Recently Delete folder. You can restore these images by clicking Select in this folder. Choose the photos you want to keep. Hit Restore to complete the process.

Use the Gemini app to remove duplicates

In 2018, MacPaw (the company behind the Setapp software service for Mac) introduced the freemium Gemini Photos app for iOS. This iPhone app uses a smart machine learning algorithm to help you remove duplicate photos on your iPhone, plus photo clutter, including screenshots, pictures of text, and blurred shots.

You can use the Gemini Photos app to remove clutter. To take it further, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase of $1.99 per month or $11.99 per year. For $14.99, you can unlock all of the app features for the life of the product. New users can try all the Gemini Photos features free for three days.

The first time you start Gemini Photos, the app will scan your iPhone Photos library. When the scan completes, you’ll see two folders of photos: similar and clutter.

Similar photos

Under Similar photos, you’ll see images sorted by date with the newest items at the top of the screen. Like images are stacked on top of each other and denoted by a number. In the example below, there are four similar photos:

Like Images

1) When you click on a stack of similar photos, you’ll see the Best Result image, which Gemini suggests is the best one in the series to keep. Scroll right to left to see the other pictures in the series, which are each checked automatically for deletion.

2) Select Delete to remove the photos selected. You’ll see a confirmation message pop-up noting that the photos selected will be deleted across all of your devices, assuming you’re using iCloud Photos.

3) If you find a picture(s) you don’t wish to delete, just uncheck them.

4) If you see a stack of images you don’t want to remove, click on the eye icon on the page. From now on, these photos won’t show up in the Gemini Photos app. Instead, you’ll find them under the Ignore List under the app’s menu screen.

Deleting Images

5) Go back to the Similar page in the app to find other like photos to delete.

Remove that clutter

Under Clutter, you’ll find images sorted by Blurred, Notes, and Screenshots. By default, Gemini checks all of the photos here for deletion.

1) To delete all of the images in a section, just hit Delete at the bottom of the screen and follow the onscreen instructions.

2) You can also uncheck individual photos or hit Deselect All at the top right to remove photos for deletion.

The Gemini Photos app offers a fresh new way to delete duplicate photos and clutter from your iPhone. Best of all, you can try it out for free for three days.

Other ways to delete duplicate iPhone photos

The Gemini Photos app might be the newest, but it certainly isn’t the only solution to remove duplicate photos on your iPhone.

The free Remo Duplicate Photos Removal app for iPhone and iPad scans your device for duplicates. You can use the app to remove all duplicates, individual sets, and also see similar photos. The app works well, although its format looks dated. It also hasn’t been updated for iPhone X.

There’s also the $1.99 Duplicate Photos Fixer app which identifies images that are “similar enough” or “similar.” Like Remo, this app hasn’t been updated to fit the larger iPhone X screen. Nonetheless, it’s one to consider.

There are other apps worth considering, including Bulk Delete, Purrge, and Photo Cleaner.

You should remove duplicate iPhone photos from time to time to save space and bring some order to your collection. Apps like Gemini Photos make this process much easier and should be considered.

What are your favorite apps to delete duplicate photos on your iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below.