How to refresh Updates tab in iOS 11 App Store

How to refresh the updates tab

If you’ve ventured into iOS 11’s overhauled App Store only to find app updates you were expecting have not yet appeared, worry not as Apple now provides an officially sanctioned way to refresh the contents of the store’s Updates tab.

On older iOS versions, you could either force-quit and relaunch the App Store app itself or tap any tab ten times repeatedly, which would purge the store cache and force a refresh. This handy trick no longer works in App Store on iOS 11 because Apple now offers a more convenient way to refresh any pending items located in the Updates tab.

How to refresh app updates in iOS 11 App Store

1) Launch App Store on your device running iOS 11 or later.

2) Hit the Updates tab at the bottom.

3) Pull down with your finger, then let go.

Refresh updates

Any expected items not showing there should be pulled through from Apple’s servers.

This is useful if your device, for some reason, stops showing the number of available updates on the App Store icon badge or the store itself won’t refresh when relaunched. I’ve found this gesture particularly helpful in situations when my App Store kept showing an app that needed an update, but would never actually update.

You can only pull-to-refresh the Updates tab.

Apple has not implemented this system throughout the store. which I find regretful given the sheer popularity and familiarity of the downward pulling gesture in other apps.

The old way of forcing a refresh still works in the iTunes Store and iBooks apps: hit any of the tabs at the bottom ten times and iTunes Store or iBooks Store shall reload everything fresh.

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