How to re-enable manual HDR camera mode on iPhone 8

iPhone 8’s improved camera sensor brings better details in highlights and shadows. So confident is Apple in it that HDR is just on all the time with these new phones, a notable departure from previous iPhones that gave you manual control over HDR shooting modes.

But thankfully, it turns out that you actually can disable this new always-on HDR mode on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus and control it manually in the Camera app, like before.

How to re-enable manual HDR on iPhone 8

1) Open the Settings app.

2) Tap on Camera in the list.

3) Slide the toggle Auto HDR to the OFF position.

You can now manually control HDR mode in the Camera app by tapping the yellow HDR button at the top of the screen, just like you could before. By default, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus use HDR for their rear and front-facing camera when it’s most effective.

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You’ll want to control HDR manually if your photos exhibit chronic ghosting.

This unwanted effect can become quite noticeable when movement occurs between the time it takes the phone to capture the three frames that are later reassembled together.

For best HDR results, keep your phone steady and avoid subject motion.

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TIP: You can set your device to stop saving a non-HDR image alongside its HDR variant by toggling off Keep Normal Photo in your camera settings.

This will stop the Camera app from saving a double for every HDR picture you take.

By default, both the normal and HDR versions of the photo get saved in the Photos app. HDR versions of your images are marked in the Photos app with “HDR” in the corner.

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