Vimeo now supports iPhone 12 Dolby Vision HDR videos

One of the biggest new features Apple brought to the iPhone lineup last year, was support for shooting video on the smartphone lineup in Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR). It made shooting video on the smartphones even better, helping the lineup standout in a competitive field. However, actually watching that content via third-party sources wasn't readily available. Until now.

System requirements: Which Apple devices support 10-bit HDR video capture and edit?

All iPhones with OLED screens can render images and videos with high dynamic range (HDR), resulting in many more colors than regular LCD screens. And with the latest models, you can for the first time not only shoot true 10-bit HDR video with Dolby Vision but also edit, share and play it back. But does your device support these features? Here's a handy list of all Apple devices that support 10-bit HDR video capture, as well as playback and edit in Photos.