Jailbreak tweaks of the week: ClassicFolders 2, MaskedHotspotPass, Pigeon, & more…

As another week comes to an end, it’s only appropriate that we cap things off with another roundup for all of the jailbreak tweak releases we’ve seen throughout the following week.

In this piece, we’ll show you all of our favorite releases in detail first, and then we’ll outline the rest of them afterwards.

Our favorite releases this week

ClassicFolders 2 – $1.99

ClassicFolders 2 is a jailbreak tweak that makes your folders on iOS 10 look similarly to how they did back in the days of iOS 6 and earlier. It eliminates the full-screen effect to bring back the page break-styled folders known in earlier versions of iOS.

You have a number of different themes to pick from, whether you want the background to look modern (blurred) or to share the same background that existed in iOS 6 or iOS 4.

You can learn more about ClassicFolders 2 and how it works in our full review.

MaskedHotspotPass – FREE

I’ve always been sort of self-conscious about my Personal Hotspot password showing as a string of text when I open the Personal Hotspot preferences pane, as it enables people around me to peer over my shoulder and connect without my permission.

MaskedHotspotPass is the ultimate solution, as it masks your Personal Hotspot password with security dots at a first glance so that no one can connect without your permission. This way, you have to physically give someone your password for them to be able to connect.

You can learn more about MaskedHotspotPass and why it’s an upgrade over the stock interface in our full review.

Pigeon – FREE

Pigeon is a huge improvement for the notification system in iOS, as it enables the operating system to update your app icon badges any time you clear notifications from Notification Center.

This ultimately solves the problem of having to launch apps to dismiss their app icon badges after you’ve already cleared them from Notification Center, allowing you to escape from having to acknowledge notifications twice.

Because this has always been a pet-peeve of mine, I feel Pigeon is one of those must-have tweaks, and if you agree, you should check out our full review to learn how it works and where you can get it.

Other releases this week

AMP: Makes the Now Playing page the first page that displays when you open Control Center as music is playing (free – review)

Cheader: Lets you have colorized banner notification headers (free – review)

Hypeman: Announces changes in Now Playing tracks with Siri’s voice (free – review)

IconCert: Displays the time remaining on your Yalu certificate right on the app icon (free – review)

Lace: Options for customizing Notification Center to your liking (free – review)

Masq: Numerous theming options for the artwork interface on the Lock screen and in Control Center ($1.75 – review)

NCWallCustomizer: Lets you add custom backgrounds to Notification Center from your Camera Roll (free – review)

NPTweet: Quickly Tweets your Now Playing song with Flipswitch (free)

PresentPage: Lets you choose the default page for Control Center (free – review)

Tinc: Tints and colorizes background colors of various interfaces in iOS (free – review)

ViewDockOnTodayView: Lets you see your application dock while looking at your Today view (free – review)

YTResume: Allows you to resume YouTube videos where you left off on them last (free)

Although that wraps things up for this week’s roundup, rest assured that there will be more to come this week, so stay tuned to iDB for the latest. Don’t forget to also check out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup just in case you’ve missed anything recently.

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What was your favorite jailbreak tweak released in the past week? Let us know in the comments section below.