How to share screenshots of your Activity rings, workouts, or achievements

Runner using Apple Watch activity

Our in-depth tutorial explains the process of sharing your Activity data with friends, family or even a personal trainer.

But there are times when you may simply want to brag about meeting your daily goal by sharing just your Activity rings or the workout you just finished or an achievement you won rather than go through the whole process of setting up Activity sharing.

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn how to quickly share your workout, achievement or Activity rings as a standalone image.

How to share your workout, achievement or Activity rings as a screenshot

1) Launch the Activity app on your iPhone.

2) Tap one of the following tabs found alongside the bottom of the screen:

  • History—Share your Activity rings as a standalone screenshot.
  • Workouts—Share your workout as a standalone screenshot.
  • Achievements—Share a virtual medal as a standalone screenshot.

3) Now pick a desired Activity or workout data using the date picker, or select a virtual medal in your list of achievements, then tap the Share menu in the upper-right corner.

Share workout

4) Tap Save Image to save the selected item as an image in your iPhone’s Camera roll, Copy to send the item to the system clipboard or choose any other share sheet option.

Share activity history

For example, to share your achievement as an image via iMessage, choose the Message option. You can also post these images to social media like Twitter and Facebook or send them to third-party apps that have a Share sheet extension.

Share achievement

This method will only share a standalone bitmap image of your Activity rings, workouts or achievement medals, not the underlying data in numerical form.

To learn more about Activity sharing, including things like inviting friends to share their Activity data with you, viewing friends’ shared data, muting notifications from specific people, removing contacts from sharing and much more, be sure to read our comprehensive guide to setting up and using Activity sharing.

Did you know about sharing Activity rings, workouts and achievements as screenshots?