How to delete your Google Maps history on iPhone and the web

Google Maps Activity on the Web on a MacBook

Just like you remove your history in Apple Maps, you can delete your search, review, and share history in Google Maps. Maybe you want to keep some items from showing up in your Recent searches or forget an entire day of Google Maps activity.

You can view and remove places from your history on your mobile device or the web. And you can choose to delete individual locations, a day or week, or every place in that history. Here, we’ll show you how to do just that, delete your Google Maps history.

How to stop sharing Apple Watch activity with your friends

Sharing Apple Watch activity with friends

If you set up your Fitness (Activity) app to share your details with a friend or family member, you can stop sharing anytime you like. Maybe you no longer want them to see if you’re reaching your move goals or how many steps you take in a day.

Here, we’ll show you how to stop sharing your Apple Watch activity on both your iPhone and your Watch.

New to Mac? Here’s all the tools in the Mac Utilities folder

macOS Utilities Folder

If you’ve just purchased your first Mac, and especially if you’re coming from Windows, you might be wondering about the Utilities folder. You may see the folder but have yet to open it or you might be looking for a specific tool and don’t realize it’s in that folder.

Whatever the case, we’re here with another in our New to Mac series to help you out! We’ll explain what’s in the Utilities folder and what each tool is for.

How to change your Apple Watch Activity goals on watchOS 7

Apple Watch Excercise Goal

With watchOS 7, Apple made changes to Apple Watch in regard to the Force Touch gesture. You’ll notice this in spots like accessing List view in your Calendar and clearing your notifications all at once. You no longer use Force Touch for these actions and one more for the list is adjusting your activity goals.

While you may not change your goals often, it’s still important to know how when the time comes. If you’ve recently upgraded to watchOS 7 or later or recently purchased an Apple Watch running that OS, here’s how to adjust your activity goals.