How to win upcoming Apple Watch fitness challenge honoring 2022 Veterans Day

Apple has scheduled the next Apple Watch fitness challenge for the 2022 Veterans Day on November 11. Here’s how to win it and earn exclusive virtual awards.

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Raise and shine, you’ve got workouts to do! | Image: Michael Billig/iDB

How to earn the 2022 Veterans Day Apple Watch fitness challenge

Apple’s set the next activity challenge for the upcoming Veterans Day holiday.

Observed annually on November 11, this US-specific holiday celebrates military veterans of the US Armed Forces. To win this challenge, you’ll need to log a workout for 11 minutes or more with your Apple Watch on Friday, November 11.

You can use Apple’s own Workout app for that or any of the third-party ones as long as it writes workout data to the Health app. Any workout will do, from running and meditating to flexibility training or weight lifting, as long as it lasts for at lead 11 minutes. Read: How to add specialized activities to Apple’s Workout app

Like always, compelling this challenge will earn you a virtual medal that you can view in the Fitness app on your iPhone or on the Watch itself, along with exclusive animated stickers. You can use the stickers across your Apple devices during FaceTime calls and spice up your iMessages.

Apple Watch wearers will receive a notification announcing the upcoming fitness challenge, which reads as follows:

Earn this special award on November 11 by doing any workout for 11 minutes or more. Record your time with the Workout app or any app that adds workouts to Health.

Since Veterans Day isn’t celebrated outside of the United States, our international readers won’t be notified about this challenge unless they switch their Apple Watch region to the US. Read: 30+ things to do and know after buying an Apple Watch

Apple will also celebrate the 2022 Veterans Day with related content across the App Store, Books Store, Apple TV+ and other services.

Discounts for veterans

Not many people are aware of this, but Apple does offer a discount on its products, in addition to the discounts. So for example, the company gibes a ten percent discount to veterans and any family members that live within the same home.

For further info, visit Apple’s Veterans and Military Purchase Program page.