Complete Apple’s new Earth Day fitness challenge to earn cool iMessage stickers

Apple has set a new activity challenge for Apple Watch owners: On Earth Day, complete a 30-minute workout to win exclusive iMessage and FaceTime stickers.

A closeup photograph of a female athlete's hand wearing an Apple Watch showing the Move, Exercise and Stand rings nearly closed
Image credit: Solen Feyissa / Unsplash
  • Apple has set a new activity challenge for Apple Watch owners on Earth Day
  • Completing the challenge will earn you some nicely animated stickers
  • You can use these in your iMessages, on FaceTime calls and more

How to win the Earth Day Apple Watch activity challenge

Like with all activity challenges in the past, this one requires you to log a specific exercise on a specific day using the Fitness app on your Apple Watch or a third-party app that integrates with the Health app’s database. In this particular example, this year’s Earth Day is on April 22 but don’t bother setting a reminder because Apple will push a notification to your wrist a few days ahead of the challenge.

To complete the 2022 Earth Day challenge and win virtual prizes, you must perform any workout for 30 minutes or longer, like jogging, running, lifting weights, doing your yoga, stretching and so on. Check out the Apple website for the complete list of all the available workout types on the Apple Watch.

Anyway, completing this challenge shall earn you a virtual medal—find it in the Awards section on the Summary tab in the Fitness app on your iPhone. You will also earn some exclusive animated stickers celebrating Earth Day which you can use in your iMessage exchange with friends and as camera effects during FaceTime calls. Read: How to replace your head on FaceTime calls with Animoji or Memoji

Earth Day and Apple’s environmental strides

Apple typically honors Earth Day in ways more than one. In years past, for instance, Apple published many themed collections of apps and games on the App Store along with original stories, special content on Apple TV+ and so on. Other initiatives include painting the leaves on Apple store logos green and even poking fun at rivals: Back in 2018, Apple took out full-page ads in newspapers to tout its environmental efforts with the tagline “There are some ideas we want every company to copy,” alluding to its patent war with Samsung at the time.