How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch

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If you blog about any of the more than 3,500 third-party applications that are currently available for the Apple Watch, or just want to capture a software bug or show off how you’ve customized your watch faces, there’s no need to photography the Watch screen with your iPhone.

Like Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods, the Apple Watch features a built-in screenshot-taking capability. In this brief tutorial, I’m going to show you how to take a screenshot of anything that’s currently displayed on your Apple Watch screen.

Taking a screen shot on Apple Watch

Step 1: Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch, then immediately press and release the Digital Crown. If a screenshot was taken, the Apple Watch screen will give you a visual confirmation by flashing its screen, like this.

Apple Watch screenshot howto

Tip: You can also press both buttons simultaneously, but I recommend using the method explained above, especially if you find it hard to hit both buttons at once.

Step 2: There’s no step 2.

Keep in mind that screenshots taken on your Apple Watch don’t get saved directly to the Watch. Instead, you can find them stored as PNG files in the Photos app on your iPhone, under the Camera roll (or under All Photos, if you’re using iCloud Photo Library).

Apple Watch screenshots are small, just 216-by-290 pixels for the 42mm Watches, so they transfer quickly and can be shared online in no time. And if you use iCloud Photo Library, your Watch screenshots will automatically get pushed to all your devices.

We have a comprehensive set of tutorials covering a myriad of screenshot-taking techniques on the Mac so check it out to learn how to master screenshots in OS X.

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