Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Vinculum, Lithium Ion, & more…

Tweaks of the week

With the launch of the new iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, and the release of iOS 10 not too long ago, the jailbreak is in a bit of a lull right now. Nevertheless, Cydia is still surprising us with new jailbreak tweak releases throughout the week, and we’ve been covering them as they’ve been launched.

In this roundup, we’ll show you all the jailbreak tweaks that were released this week, starting with our favorites.

Our favorite releases this week

Vinculum – $0.99

Vinculum App Drawer Featured Image

Vinculum is a Nexus-inspired app drawer for jailbroken iOS devices that lets you get to any of your installed apps in a jiffy.

The tweak includes a search bar to help you sort through all of your installed apps, and even includes customization options so you can make the interface look how you want it to.

To learn more about how this tweak works, be sure to head over to our full review.

Lithium Ion – FREE

Lithium Ion Examples

Lithium Ion is a new way to theme the battery indicator in your Status Bar without having to use Winterboard to do it.

The tweak comes with a variety of themes that you can further customize with additional color options. You can also add in your own themes or download more from Cydia.

Lithium Ion is fully compatible with Lithium themes, although some porting may be necessary.

You can learn more about how Lithium Ion and all of its features from our full review.

Other releases this week

CCSmoothSlider: A cleaner look for your Control Center sliders (free – review)

Phonie: Moves the add and backspace buttons in the Phone app to the bottom of the app (free)

PredictionShortcuts: Enables copy, cut, and paste buttons above the keyboard (free – review)

QuickDial Lite: Long-press on Phone app number keys to auto-dial phone numbers (free – review)

ShazamYoutubeLink: Opens the YouTube app from Shazam after tagging songs (free)

TransBack: Makes the Lock screen transparent so you can see your Home screen behind it (free)

WASEmoji: Re-enables the small Emoji in the WhatsApp app (free)

WiFiReminder: Reminds you to turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it to save power (free)

While that wraps it up for this week’s jailbreak tweak releases, you can be sure you’ll see more throughout the coming week, so keep it tuned to iDB for all your jailbreak news.

If you still want to see more, don’t forget to check out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup to see if you’ve missed anything interesting to try on your device.