CCSmoothSlider gives the sliders in Control Center a different look

CCSmoothSlider Before and After

If you’re interested in giving the display brightness and volume sliders from Control Center a new look and feel on your jailbroken device, then a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed CCSmoothSlider might be worth checking out.

This tweak does away with the dated look of the stock slider bars and round grabbers in Control Center and brings a flatter look to these adjustment mechanisms, which resemble progress bars instead.

You can customize the text in the center of each of the bars, configure custom fill and text colors for them, and more.

After you install the tweak, you can head over to Settings → CCSmoothSlider and configure all kinds of settings to complete the look you want:

CCSmoothSlider Prefs

In addition to changing up colors and customizing text fields, you can also hide or show the slider percentage, adjust the rounded corner radius of the progress bars, and change the sensitivity of the sliders as your fingers swipe on them.

All of the settings are configured individually for each slider, so you can have two of the same looking sliders, or you can set them up to look different from one another.

A respring button is also included at the bottom of the preferences pane so you can save the changes as you make them.

To give CCSmoothSlider a try, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repository where you’ll be able to download this tweak on your jailbroken device for free.