How to quickly re-enable Low Power Mode right from the Lock screen

Low Power Mode

For the most part, my iPhone runs in Low Power Mode unless I’m playing a game or using an app that requires the full power of the processor. I’ve found that I wake up to a fuller battery after leaving my iPhone in Low Power Mode during the night.

That being said, overnight charging in Low Power Mode can be challenging due the fact that iOS automatically disables it when the battery level crosses the eight percent mark.

Instead of venturing into Settings to re-enable Low Power Mode manually, you can save yourself a few taps and do so right from the Lock screen.

How to quickly re-enable Low Power Mode from the notification

1) When the notification appears on the Lock screen of your iPhone informing you that Low Power Mode has been disabled because the battery was sufficiently charged, tap and hold on it to reveal a hidden Enable Again button and then tap it.

Enable low power mode from Lock screen

Low Power Mode can be re-enabled from its banner notification as well, or you can re-visit the alert by pulling down from the top of the screen to bring up the Notification Center. Here’s yet another method to quickly toggle Low Power Mode: just ask Siri to enable or disable Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode can also be manually toggled in Settings → Battery. Finally, you can quickly go there by pressing the Settings icon on the Home screen and selecting Battery from the shortcuts menu.

iOS 9 Settings 3D Touch Home screen shortcuts menu iPhone 6s screenshot 001

If you drag the Settings icon into iOS’s Dock, where Phone and other icons are located by default, you’ll be able to quickly reach this handy shortcut from any Home screen.

Low Power Mode alerts cannot be turned off in Settings → Notifications.

Why you should be using Low Power Mode

Apple states that using Low Power Mode can “significantly increase the life of the battery charge”. In practice, using an iPhone in Low Power Mode all day long can increase the life of the battery charge for several additional hours.

Introduced in iOS 9, Low Power Mode throttles down the iPhone’s processor, limits background activity, disables some user interface animations, turns off Night Shift mode and tunes performance for essential tasks.


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