Twelve South unveils ‘TimePorter,’ a travel tote and portable charging stand for Apple Watch

Twelve South TimePorter image 002

Twelve South, the maker of premium Apple-exclusive accessories, on Thursday announced a combined charge and travel stand for the Apple Watch, dubbed the TimePorter. Resembling a luxury eyeglass case, this stylish accessory is designed to hold your Apple Watch charging cable, as well as extra Watch bands USB chargers and more. The case incorporates the Apple Watch charging disc and converts into a travel charging and display stand in an instant.

Billed as a travel tote and portable charging stand, the silicone-lined case transforms into a viewing stand. As you can see for yourself, its hinged compartment lets you store an Apple Watch charging disc, a power adapter and additional bands for your Apple Watch.

Twelve South TimePorter image 003

“Pop your charging disc into the integrated opening in TimePorter and drape Apple Watch across the top to charge,” explains Twelve South. “With Apple Watch resting on TimePorter, open the case to the preferred angle and TimePorter transforms into a viewing stand, perfect for viewing notifications and the time.”

Twelve South TimePorter image 005

The conveniently placed cutout on the TimePorter’s side lets you route the Apple Watch’s 2-meter charging cable out of TimePorter to charge your watch. As a matter of fact, you can unwind just enough cable to reach the nearest outlet.

As evidenced on the press shots, your Apple Watch can be docked around the TimePorter or sit on its top horizontally, thanks to an integrated portal that holds the charging disc flush with the outer surface of the TimePorter.

A silicone plug covers the charging port when not in use with the charging disk and a hidden magnetic closure keeps everything sealed and secure when traveling. You can even fit two Apple Watch USB adapter (US or International) inside the case or a portable battery to create a completely portable charging kit.

Twelve South TimePorter image 004

If you’re in the market for a desktop stand for your Apple Watch, check out Twelve South’s Forté, a truly luxurious charging stand for Apple’s wearable device.


The TimePorter costs $49.99, same as an Apple Watch Sport Band, and will hit store shelves in early May 2016 with free shipping in the United States. The accessory will be available in Mod White and Jet Black finishes. You can register your interest over at the Twelve South website (click the Coming Soon link to join the waiting list).

Source: Twelve South