Apps to check out this weekend: Noted, How Many Saturdays? and more

Apps to check out this weekend

It’s been a long week. Apple introduced a new iPhone, a new iPad, new Apple Watch accessories and it also released several software updates for its various platforms. So now that it’s the weekend, it’s time to kick up your feet, relax and check out some new apps and games. And as usual, we’ve put together a great list of suggestions for you.



Noted is a social music discovery app that helps you find music you like from people you know. It’s essentially a social stream of music chosen by your friends, and a “special sauce” that learns your musical tastes as you interact. Think “Pandora powered by people” or a “cross between Instagram and Spotify.” Sure, we’ve seen a number of these social music apps come and go over the years, but one of them has to stick, right? This app is available for free.

Calco 2

calco 2

This isn’t your average tip calculator. Calco is a scientific calculator built for greater productivity. It features super fast evaluate-as-you-go calculations, infinite ticker tape for archiving results, swipe selection, and much more. You can even customize the app’s design with downloadable themes, and the developers are giving away one free theme for a limited time to celebrate the launch. This app is available for free.

How Many Saturdays?

how many

Looking for a fun, thought-provoking app to play around with this weekend? Allow me to introduce How Many Saturdays?. You enter your birthday, and the app calculates how much life you have left to live. The results are presented to you using very unconventional measurements such as cat lifetimes, Blue moon cycles and lightning strikes. For some reason the app is huge (310mb), so be aware, but other than that I can’t think of a reason not to check it out. This app is available for free.

Super Arc Light

super arc light

Looking for a new arcade shooter? Super Hexagon meets Geometry Wars in the stylish Super Arc Light. The game is a minimalistic, arcade radial shooter where you must defend your base to the death against waves of challenging enemies. Gameplay consists of a unique 1-button control system, providing a fast-paced, retro experience, and there are several weapons waiting to be unlocked. This game is available for $0.99.

MLB Manager 2016

mlb 2016

It’s springtime, and baseball season is almost upon us, which of course means a new version of MLB Manager is out. Yes, the hit simulator from Out of the Park Developments has been refreshed with updated rosters and player stats for 2016. So pick your favorite franchise, put together your depth chart, set your lineup and see if you have what it takes to take your team to the top. This game is available for $4.99.

More apps you should check out

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