Grab popular journaling software Day One 2 at no charge through the Apple Store shopping app

Day One 2 teaser 001

Bloom Built’s journaling app, Day One 2, has gone temporarily free courtesy of the Apple Store shopping app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

A significant update to the original Day One app (now renamed Day One Classic), Day One 2 released as a brand new app in the App Store last month so you’re looking at a cool $9.99 savings here.

Rebuilt from the ground up but staying true to Day One’s original simplicity, this app comes with two headlining features: multiple journals and multiple photos per entry.

“Keeping a journal is a traditional pastime that is modernized perfectly with Day One,” reads the Apple-provided description. “Each entry contains all sorts of information¥geolocation, photos and even your day’s fitness activity. Relive memories by locating them on a map or scroll through a beautiful photo timeline.”

Day One 2 iPhone screenshot 001

Some of the biggest new features in Day One 2 include support for multiple photos per entry (up to ten inline photos) and multiple journals (up to ten journals with unique colors and names), the all-new Day One Sync 2.0 engine, Spotify widgets in entries, improved 3D Touch menu options, a new Map view on iOS (and Photo view on the Mac) and more.

And of course there’s a whole raft of little things to be excited about in Day One 2, such as custom reminders, timezones, the ability to select, move, tag, and delete multiple entries at a time and lots more.

For more information, see the full Mac and iOS release notes for Day One 2.

How to redeem Day One 2 for iPhone and iPad

1) Download the official Apple Store app in the App Store.

2) Launch the Apple Store app on your iOS device.

3) Tap the Featured tab at the bottom.

4) Scroll halfway through until you see the free Day One 2 offer right bellow the section listing featured accessories for the iPhone 6s, and tap it.

Day One 2 free in Apple Store app

5) On the next screen, tap the green Download now for free button.

6) A message pops up, saying you’ll be taken to the App Store to redeem your free app. Tap Continue to confirm the action.

7) Enter the password for your Apple ID account and tap OK to continue.

8) Tap the Redeem button to grab the app.

If you get an error message saying that this freebie is not available yet, the offer hasn’t propagated yet so try in a few hours. In addition, regional restrictions apply so this offer may not be available in your territory.

This is one of  those freebies that shouldn’t be passed on.

Day One 2 is normally priced at $9.99 in the App Store and $39.99 in the Mac App Store.

However, both editions of the app are currently half price as the team celebrates launch of the new version. That being said, I’d advise you to do yourself a favor and grab the iOS edition for free right now before the free offer within the Apple Store app expires.

Day One 2 iPhone screenshot 002

Day One Classic (the original version of Day One) is still maintained in the App Store.

Day One Classic is compatible with Day One 2 when using Day One Sync, their proprietary syncing service provided as an alternative to iCloud and Dropbox. Speaking of which, iCloud and Dropbox syncing are not supported in Day One 2 so if you need these options, use Day One Classic.

If you like Day One 2, you’re going to love some of the new features the team has in store for you even more, stuff like audio recording, places, Activity feed, Night Mode, people tags, advanced search (as a filter), Publish 2.0, native embeds, attachments, and lots more,