Google working on iPhone keyboard of its own with gesture-based typing, built-in search & more

iPhone 6s Rose Gold front back image 006

Internet giant Google is developing a software keyboard for the iPhone which incorporates gesture-based typing, built-in GIF search and a variety of other search options, according to The Verge.

“The keyboard, which has been in circulation among employees for months, is designed to boost the number of Google searches on iOS,” as per the report.

As for search features, tapping the Google logo lets you run a search query through Google, with dedicated buttons for pictures and GIF searches. It’s unclear from the report whether or not the keyboard incorporates voice search.

Aside from built-in search features and gesture-based typing with predictive suggestions, the keyboard is said to sport a bunch of other unspecified features meant to distinguish it from the stock iOS keyboard.

Putting Google’s powerful search engine in a keyboard sounds like an intriguing idea, wouldn’t you say so?

Source: The Verge