How to crop an image in Preview on Mac

Preview is a tool that most Mac users use every day for opening files, playing videos, and viewing images. I even use it for annotating images and making minor image edits.

One of the primary ways I use Preview with images is when I need to crop an image to only display a specific portion. You could choose to copy and paste the portion of the image that you wish to save to a new photo, but there are extra steps involved there that aren’t necessary.

Instead, wouldn’t it be better if you could crop an image using a handy keyboard shortcut? In this brief tutorial, we’ll show you how.

Crop image using Preview on Mac

How to crop images with Preview

Follow these steps to crop an image using Preview on Mac:

1) Open the image that you wish to crop in Preview.

2) Use your mouse or trackpad to select the portion of the image that you want to keep. While selecting, you will see the crop dimensions.

Select crop portion of the image in Preview on Mac

If you wish to crop in a different shape, like a circle, click the markup button (pencil icon) from the top of Preview. Next, click the Selection Tool on the left of the toolbar to choose a different shape.

Elliptical Selection tool in Preview on Mac

3) After you make the crop selection, press Command + K to crop the image. You can also click Tools > Crop in the menu bar or click the Crop to Selection button that appears in the Preview toolbar.

Crop to Selection tool in Preview on Mac

It’s really that simple. There’s no need to create a brand new file; just crop the original file, and you’re done.

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