New to iPhone? How to crop a photo on iOS

While many people have no problem editing their photos, some are not as familiar. You snap a photo or capture a screenshot and use it as-is. So if you’ve never cropped a photo on your iPhone, we’re here to help.

Maybe you want to cut out what’s behind your subject or just grab the most important part of the picture. Cropping a photo is pretty easy and you have options to do it freeform or select a size to fit your purpose. Here, we’ll walk you through how to crop a photo on your iPhone.

How to crop a photo on iPhone

Open the Photos app and select the picture you want to crop. Then, follow these steps to get started.

1) With the photo open, tap Edit on the top right.

2) Tap the Crop and Rotate icon at the bottom (on the left on iPad).

3) On the next screen, you are on Freeform mode. So you can drag a corner or edge to crop the photo exactly as you want it.

Crop a Photo on iPhone with Freeform

Alternatively, you can use a preset ratio instead of Freeform. Tap the Ratio icon on the top right.

At the bottom, you’ll see the presets like Square, 9:16, 8:10, and so on. You can tap to choose one of those and see a preview of the cropped image. In addition, you can select the Portrait or Landscape icon to change the view of the photo along with the preset ratio you choose.

Crop a Photo on iPhone with Preset Ratios

4) When you finish cropping your photo, tap Done. You can also tap Cancel if you change your mind.

Your photo will be saved automatically as you’ve cropped it.

Undo your changes

If you decide that you want to undo the cropping you’ve done, you can do this easily.

1) Select the photo and tap Edit.

2) Tap Revert on the bottom right.

3) Confirm that you want to Revert to Original.

Cropped Photo on iPhone Revert to Original

Just keep in mind that if you revert the photo to its original state, this will also undo any other edits you’ve made to the photo.

More photo editing

For additional how-tos for editing photos on your iPhone, check out these tutorials.

Wrapping it up

If you have a photo or screenshot where you want only a certain part, rather than the whole thing, cropping a picture on your iPhone or iPad gets you what you need. And between the freeform tool and preset ratios, you can hold onto exactly what you want in your photo.

What tips do you have for our readers who may be new to photo editing on iPhone and iPad? Share your suggestions below or with us on Twitter!

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