How to hide revines from users you follow

Vine 1.4.8 for iOS (app icon, small)

If you use Vine, sooner than later your feed will become polluted with reposts (revines, in Vine talk) from those you follow on the service. Besides, it’s really annoying having to scroll through a hundred or more revines from a user before getting to one of their own clips.

Thankfully, reducing information overload on Vine isn’t as hard as it sounds as the app lets you block revines from a person and show only their original posts.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to hide revines from anyone you follow on the service with just a few taps. This should help make your Vine experience a little more focused and less cluttered.

About revining

Vine states that it’s okay to revine any non-protected Vine post. You can revine individual posts as well as public accounts. Private accounts cannot be revined.

Switching your own account to protected will make any posts that have been revined disappear from the feeds of folks who revined them. BTW, revining other people’s posts like there’s no tomorrow won’t get you on the Popular Now section.

“We have a special formula in place to fill Popular Now with a variety of original content created by the community that appeals to a wide audience,” as per service terms. “Being featured on Popular Now is not dependent on the amount of likes, comments or revines a post receives.”

To learn more about what is and is not allowed on Vine, check out this FAQ.

How to hide revines from a Vine user

Step 1: Launch Vine on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on any post from a user.

Step 3: Hit the menu icon (it looks like three vertical dots) and then Hide revines.

Vine for iOS hide revines iPhone screenshot 001

That’s it, re-posted content from that person will instantly disappear from your feed and their future revines will be invisible to you. Hiding revines is especially useful if you want to show only original posts from a person.

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Vine for iOS hide revines iPhone screenshot 002

If you want to turn on vine reposts from a person, you can do so by visit their profile. Then, tap the same menu and select the Show revines option.

This handy feature was added to Vine’s mobile app in December 2013.

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