A plethora of jailbreak tweaks to check out this weekend

Cydia package iPhone 6

The last time I saw that many tweaks released during a single week probably was months ago. It’s fair to say things have been pretty quiet on the jailbreak side for a while, so it’s definitely refreshing to see such a busy week.

None of these tweaks will change your life, but they will certainly make your iOS experience that much enjoyable. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons we jailbreak in the first place?

Aeuria LS: a beautiful time-focused design for the Lock screen (free – feature)

AppRunByActivator: automatically runs an app when you enter the device’s passcode ($0.99)

BlurryLaunch: adds a subtle blurry effect when launching an app (free)

CertManager: allows users to define the SSL certificates they trust (free)

CustomNotificationSound: lets you customize the sound of third-party apps notifications (free – feature)

DeLe: lets you delay messages before sending them, and also offers several Messages-related tools ($2.99)

DoNotDisturb Silence Flipswitch: the name of this add-on says it all (free)

Favorites: a favorite contacts manager for Notification Center (free)

Feedback: offers feedback for your media controls ($0.99)

IneffectivePower: prevents the infamous Effective Power issue (free – feature)

MiBan Utility: brings iOS notifications to Xiaomi MiBand (free – feature)

NoNotificationsText: changes the “No Notifications” text in Notification Center (free)

PhoneCaller: displays full caller ID data when dialing or before answering a call ($1.99)

PowerPlus: enhances the power down menu experience (free)

PrefSafety: disables Reset All Settings, Erase All Content and Settings, and Software Update options (free)

Recents: lets you view Recent calls in Notification Center ($1.49 – feature)

RelevApps: shows different shortcuts in Control Center based on the time of the day (free)

RippleBoard: adds ripple effects to the iOS Home screen (free – feature)

SilkScreen: an easy way to share screenshots taken in Safari app (free)

Sim&Puk Attempt: lets you increase the amount of SIM or PUK input attempts before locking the device (free)

StopAutoDelete: stops the iOS cursor from deleting entire words (free – feature)

SwishSwitcher: plays a sound when you kill an app from the App Switcher (free – feature)

SwitcherPager: let you replace the background image in the App Switcher ($0.99)

TimeCode: replaces your passcode with the current time (free)

WASendAny Lite: lets you send .pdf and .docx files via WhatsApp (free)

My picks of the week are Aeuria LS, RelevApps, and StopAutoDelete. What are yours?

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