Aeuria LS is a beautiful Lock screen tweak for iOS

Aeuria LS

Great standout tweaks seem to be few and far between as of late, but the developer of Aeuria LS obviously has other thoughts about the matter. Aeuria LS is an original and wonderful-looking Lock screen tweak for jailbroken devices, that presents the current time in a unique manner.

Conceptualized by Zach Williams and programmed by Bryce Pauken, Aeuria LS is one of the best looking jailbreak tweaks that I’ve seen in a while. It brings a Lock screen clock interface to the iPhone that features customizations by clock type, time format, clock face font, color, blur, and more.

It’s a simple looking tweak that you’ll find to be incredibly deep, and a technical work of art once you delve into its preferences. Have a look at our video overview of Aeuria LS for more details.

After installation, you’ll find the default Aeuria LS clock on your Lock screen. You can then go into the stock Settings app to change a variety of preferences and settings to highly customize the way the tweak looks.

I was super-impressed to find custom color pickers, and font pickers in the preferences. I think that using the preferences of this tweak is an experience in and of itself, and should be tried out by jailbreakers and jailbreak developers to see how original and well designed preferences are done. Seriously, it’s impressive stuff.

Aeuria LS 2

There’s even a fine tune section that lets you adjust the padding, text height, width, and length of a variety of Aeuria LS’ properties. Needless to say, you could spend some significant time customizing this tweak to your liking.

Aeuria LS 1

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Aeuria LS is free on the BigBoss repo. For a tweak this good looking and forward-thinking when it comes to user preferences, I would have guessed it would have been in the $1.99-$2.99 range.

What do you think about Aeuria? Are you as impressed as I am?