Recents is a jailbreak tweak for viewing recent calls in Notification Center

Recents Screenshot Real

Recents is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to view recent phone calls and FaceTime calls directly in Notification Center. With the $1.49 package, which comes with a free trial, you can make calls directly from Notification Center, even if your device is locked.

By adding a tab next to the Today and Notifications tabs in Notification Center, Recents lets you view incoming, outgoing and missed calls with ease. It also lets you delete individual calls, all calls, and it works with a variety of other jailbreak tweaks such as Copic and LockInfo.

After installing Recents, check Notification Center to activate your free trial. You can decide to purchase the tweak by tapping the Buy Now button at the top of the recent calls list, but it’s best to try out the trial to see if Recents is for you.

Recents looks just like the Recents tab in the Phone app. Unfortunately, my jailbroken device is an iPod touch, so I don’t have a Phone app. Thankfully, it works with the FaceTime app as well.

One peculiar thing that I found during my testing of Recents is the fact that the tweak’s preference panel in the Settings app crashed every time I tried to open it. On the other hand, you don’t actually need the preferences to enable the tweak, as it’s enabled right after installing it.

I like Recents, and I think if I made phone calls more often, it would find a permanent place in my jailbreak repertoire. Again, it comes with a  free trial and can be purchased for $1.49.

What do you think?