Microsoft disses Apple in Christmas Surface ad

Surface Pro 3

Software giant Microsoft is no stranger to Apple bashing. Every once in a while, the Redmond giant take aim at Apple’s iPad tablets and MacBook Air ultra-thin notebooks by putting out aggressively conceived television commercials for its Surface tablets.

Just in time for the looming holiday shopping season, Microsoft started airing a brand new Surface Pro ad that argues that its tablet convertible with a kickstand, keyboard cover and desktop apps is a better deal than the MacBook Air.

Featuring Christmas theme and a matching song, the 30-second ad titled “Winter Wonderland” celebrates the Surface’s competitive features such as its detachable keyboard, a pen and kickstand and desktop apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Office and Windows.

The Surface Pro 3 is “the tablet that can replace your laptop,” concludes the ad.

Earlier this month, Microsoft aired an ad that pitted Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro convertible to the MacBook Air. Given the amount of Apple bashing in Microsoft’s ads, it came something as a surprise that the company would actually advertise for Apple with a recent Skype ad that features an orchestra managed by a remote conductor using Skype instances running on a bunch of MacBook Pros.

What would you rather have under a Christmas tree, Microsoft’s tablet convertible or Apple’s MacBook Air?

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