Apple said to have ‘War Room’ hunting for iOS 8 bugs on social media

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Apple is fairly well known for its over-the-top customer service, and we’ve come across a story that provides the perfect example why. Reddit user Kiggsworthy posted an anecdote in r/Apple today captioned “Pretty indescribable Apple service experience yesterday,” and we thought it was worth sharing.

Like many of us, Kiggsworthy was playing with iOS 8 yesterday when he came across an issue with Family Sharing that did not allow him to download content from his wife’s account. So naturally, he tweeted about his problem, and to his surprise, an actual Apple employee responded to his call for help.

From the r/Apple thread:

Out of nowhere, an Apple employee hit me up on Twitter asking me to send them a DM. Via DM, he then worked with me to isolate the problem. I discovered that not all content was giving me that error, only a subset. He got excited saying this is something they’ve been trying to track down but were not able to reproduce. Apparently I gave them the reproduction scenario he needed. 

Turns out, it was a subset of iTunes content that was uploaded over 8 years ago in a bad format that Family Sharing wasn’t playing nice with. They now know what bad content to look for and are going about putting re-encoded versions of all this media on their servers so that people will not get this error going forward.

Kiggsworthy goes on to say that he told the employee he was very impressed with the service, given how busy yesterday was for Apple. Apparently, the company has set up a “War Room” with staffers trawling through social media looking for various iOS 8 issues so they can address them as soon as possible.

Apple launched iOS 8 yesterday with a slew of new features, including the above-mentioned Family Sharing, which allows multiple Apple IDs to share content. As with most major software releases, there have been a few initial issues, but it’s nice to hear that Apple is taking extreme measures to fix them.

Thanks Matthew!