Gameloft posts new screenshots of Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5 Blackout (classes 001)

It’s been nearly a year since we first saw a preview of Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5, and the game has yet to see a release date. In fact, we’ve heard almost nothing about the title in the past 11 months, leading some folks to believe that the project had either been shelved or canceled.

But that has certainly changed in the last few weeks. In late April, Gameloft offered up new details about the game, and a week later it broke down its new unified progression system. And today, it posted a pair of beautiful new screenshots showing Modern Combat 5 in action…

modern combat 5 1

modern combat 5

In addition to posting the new screenshots, Gameloft gave select gaming sites hands-on demos of the new Modern Combat. Touch Arcade says that the game plays a lot like Modern Combat 4—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing—but notes that the graphics are a ‘big step up.’

Modern Combat 5: Blackout begins in Venice, Italy, where the main character Phoenix has been sent on a special mission to secure a transport of dangerous weapons from a very well-armed terrorist group. From there the plot will take gamers on a journey around the globe.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a specific release date, but Gameloft does say it’ll have more information to reveal at the E3 gaming expo next month. Also, for those interested, the developer will be hosting a live stream on their Twitch channel tomorrow starting at 1PM EST.