Apps of the week: Waterlogue, Wake for iPad, Writer Pro, and more…

Now that Christmas is over, the fun begins. I love thinking about how exciting it must be for new iPhone and iPad owners. I still remember what it was like when I downloaded my first apps. It’s like Christmas is happening all over again, every day.

If you are a brand new iPhone owner or just looking for something to keep you occupied this weekend, we have a list of apps and games that we think you will enjoy…

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham OriginsNow that the iPad has existed for more than three years, it is time to step up the game in terms of what can be done with it. Comics were immediately popular in digital form thanks to the perfectly sized format. Now, comics come in animated formats. Batman: Arkham Origins takes it one step further by putting readers in the action. The decisions you make while reading along will determine what happens next. If you have the heart of a hero, you will move onto the next chapter. If you don’t have what it takes, you may end up fish food for the Penguin’s minions. This app is available on the iPhone for free.

Writer Pro

Writer ProIf you are always writing, even when you don’t have a computer in front of you, you are probably looking for a good app for helping facilitate your creative flow. This app gives you control over writing, editing, and reading your drafts. It features Syntax Control, which scans the syntax of English text and highlights adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, and more. This app does the hard work of formatting, fonts, and colors to keep you from being distracted while getting your thoughts out. This app is available for $19.99.

The Shadow Sun

Shadow SunWell, it’s about time that a new epic RPG title makes it to the App Store. This game features plenty of sword-wielding, monster-killing fun. Players create their character with customized features. Then, build your skills and gain your experience points to level up. Complete quests while traveling to more than 70 unique areas. There are dozens of attacks, spells, and skills to help you develop the kind of character you want to play. Then, head for the hills to follow a story filled with secrecy, peril, and mystery. This game is available for $7.99.

Super Mega Worm vs. Santa Saga

Super Mega WormI know that Christmas is over, but I don’t think anyone can begrudge me the love of a jolly fat man in a red suit fighting a giant, laser-shooting worm. This app includes the epic first game of the series and the popular sequel. Each game has 15 challenging arcade style levels with two levels of difficulty. Of course, if you make it to the end, you will be able to fight the red menace himself in a final battle between worm and imaginary creature. Plus, you can take advantage of new abilities and sing along to new music tracks. This app is available for $0.99.


WaterlogueI have had lots of fun with this creative photo effects app over the past week. I’ve taken pictures of my Christmas tree, my cat, my house, and all kinds of stuff and then turned them into gorgeous watercolor-like images. As long as you have a good subject in your photo, the effects will look stunning. Take a picture from within the app, or upload one from your Photo library and add the effects to create a new, beautiful image. You can then export your images to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. Plus, turn your pictures into postcards with Sincerely. This app is available for $2.99.

Wake Alarm Clock for iPad

wake for iPadEarlier this year, Tiny Hearts Limited launched an attractive, simplistic alarm clock app for the iPhone. The smooth user interface and minimalist design made it a big hit with fans looking forward to the iOS 7 design. This week, the company launched an iPad version that is just as good looking, but is now fitted for the larger screen. You can set the alarm to require three different actions in order to shut off. If you are a light sleeper, simply tell the alarm to shut off. If you need a little shaking up, set it to need some physical movement to turn off. If you don’t need much help getting out of bed in the morning, turn on the Swipe feature. This app is available for $3.99.


Atomic+It is time to start working on your response skills again with this action-packed reflex game. Control a circle that is attached to a ring and drag your finger around clockwise and counter-clockwise to pick up squares. The ring increases or decreases in size, moving to different areas so you can collect more squares. At the same time, you must avoid getting hit with tiny round shapes that are shooting out from the center. All of this, and the screen changes color randomly to make it harder to see what you are doing. This game is available for $0.99.

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