Apps of the week: Shares 2, Listastic, AdventChewers, and more…

iPhone 5 appsThanks to a much-needed vacation, my work week only lasted three days. It seems like only yesterday I was creating the Apps of the Week list for the previous weekend. I didn’t even look at the App Store for five whole days – pretty rare for me.

If you have a lot of catching up to do with new apps and games this weekend, we’ve got a list that will take care of your finances, productivity, and gaming needs…

Transport Tycoon

Transport TycoonOne of the most popular management simulation games has finally made its way to iOS. Thanks to a lot of hard work from 31x Limited, you can play the classic business game with all of its original quirks, including the catchy sound track. Build and deploy buses, trains, planes, and ships to turn a quiet town into a busy city. Explore a wide range of landscapes across the deserts, forests, mountains, valleys, and islands. Plan your transportation route to ensure that the city’s residents can get to where they want to go. This game is available for $6.99.

Shares 2

Shares 2 MainSure, a smart investor will have a very detailed stock-tracking app that includes graphs, charts, and tickertapes for every moment of every day. But sometimes, you just want to quickly check your gains and losses without having to pull out a calculator to figure out the totals. This app makes it possible for you to track your daily gains and losses for individual stocks, as well as overall. See how your favorite companies are doing and track how much money you’ve made by investing in them from the beginning. Hoping your stock didn’t drop with the most recent company announcement? Check out the daily ups and downs at a glance. This app is available for $0.99.

Level Money

Level MoneyFinance apps are the new endless runner games right now. Every one of them looks great and most of them work flawlessly. The real trick is finding the finance app that is right for you. This app makes it easy for you to track your daily cash flow by analyzing your spending and creating a budget for you based on your bank account transactions. Instead of having to manually add your debts and deposits, linking your bank accounts makes it easy to keep up to date on your transactions. The app automatically detects income and fixed expenses to show you what your monthly expenditures are, in addition to your daily purchases. This app is available for free.


ListasticOh man. If you know me, you know I like lists. I’m a big fan of planning out every moment of my life so I don’t feel out of control. Sometimes, it can be a bad thing because I don’t have a lot of chances to be spontaneous, but it keeps me on track. This app scratches my list making itch times ten. You can create multiple lists for any task or project. Plus, divide your lists by active items, items to be completed later, and items you’ve already completed. With a premium subscription, users can sync and share their lists with other members. If you don’t subscribe, you can still edit other shared lists when invited by subscribers. This app is available for free.


UNIQLO RecipeThis app may be made by a fashion company, but it does feature some very yummy looking recipes. I regularly use my iPad for recipes while I’m cooking or baking (Evernote Food is my go-to app). So, I’m always ready to try new recipes. This app features six chefs from across the U.S. who create four tasty dishes for us to try. Sure, you have to look at non-models modeling the company’s wares, but maybe you’ll like that sweater and slacks ensemble. If you do, you can buy it while you are cooking Rosemary Risotto with Sautéed Shrimp. This app is available for the iPad free.


AdvenchewersIf you are tired of keeping your feet on the ground, it’s time to take flight with the help of some specially engineered bubble gum. Help the Kid save his dad from a madman, set on creating an army of flying machines. Use a variety of bubble gums to zap enemies, catch a breeze, and clean up the goo-soaked world around you. Run, jump, and fly through 48 levels across size worlds, collecting coins and birds as you go. Grab onto the feathers of a burning Phoenix to get a speed boost that will take you as far as you can go. Upgrade your character with better helmets, jackets, and compasses. This game is available for $0.99.

Costume Quest

Costume QuestHalloween is my favorite time of the year. I watch scary movies all month long, make myself sick on spooky candy treats, and throw an epic costume shindig that keeps me smiling until the next Halloween. So, I have to include at least one app that represents my favorite holiday. Costume quest features a ragtag group of trick-or-treaters on an adventure that I only wish I could have had on that special night. Pick an adventurer, collect costumes, and build a questing party in this spooky role-playing game. Fight against Repugians to protect your candy swag and save the world from evil. This game is available for $4.99.

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