Shares 2 offers a ridiculously simple way to track your stocks

Shares 2 MainKeeping track of your stocks can be a burden if you are using Apple’s native Stocks app. You can see increases and decreases from the day’s opening, but figuring out how much you’ve made or lost takes additional time, and usually a calculator.

Shares 2 gives you a simple and elegant view of the companies you’ve invested in, plus gives you an overview of how much money you’ve made or lost overall…

The app allows you to add the stocks you want to track to see the day’s gains. Plus, track overall gain and overall value. You can also input the number of shares you have invested in each stock to see how much you’ve made at a glance.

For example, if you purchased 10 shares in a company for $100 each, you will easily be able to tell how much money those shares have made for you today. Plus, you can easily see how much they have made for you since you first purchased them. If they’ve gone up by $2 today, you’ll see that you’ve made $20. If they’ve gone up $50 since you purchased them, you’ll see that you’ve made $500 on your investment.

Shares 2

If you have invested in multiple companies, you can track your overall gains and losses for everything. Each day’s numbers will be displayed below the list of companies’ stock adjustments. At the bottom of the page, you will see a tally of the increase or decrease in the share prices as a whole.

If you tap on an individual company, you can see the current price of the stock, your shares and how much you’ve invested, plus the change in the day’s stock price.

This app was designed to make it very easy for you to track your stock gains and losses. According to the developer’s blog, the average session time is 14 seconds. If you just need a quick glance at your stock activities, this app doesn’t waste your time with graphs, charts, and other stuff you don’t need when you just want a quick update.

The app uses Yahoo Finance to track stock information. However, the developer is looking for a different data provider to make it easier for the app to work outside of the U.S. In the meantime, if you are having trouble tracking non-U.S. stock, you can manually add the prefix the way you would in Apple’s native Stocks app.

Shares 2 is available on the iPhone for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.