Apple’s next-gen Mac Pro ad hits YouTube ahead of Fall release

Mac Pro (2013 model, two-up, front, back)

As Apple engineers scramble to finalize the next-generation Mac Pro for US-based assembly, the company’s marketing department has been increasingly teasing and hyping the dream machine ahead of its Fall launch. Moviegoers who’d gone out to see the new Jobs biopic last weekend, or any other movie for that matter, spotted a Mac Pro video.

The clip, which later started airing in theaters nationwide, shows the radically new machine from various angles without revealing too much. Now that Apple has uploaded the commercial to YouTube, expect to see it rolling on television nationwide. I’ve queued up the video right after the fold…

Here it is.

This is actually the same clip Tim Cook played to the gathering of developers during the Mac Pro sneak peek segment at June’s WWDC keynote.

“The future of the pro desktop,” the tagline reads.

The new Mac Pro – in addition to its unique black casing a fraction of the size of its predecessor – is apparently up to 2-2.5 times faster in CPU/GPU performance, thanks to Intel’s latest Xeon E5 chips with up to twelve CPU Cores, two FirePro GPU cards by AMD and ultra-fast PCIe-based flash storage.

It’s interesting the video specifically mentions a Fall release versus the “later this year” release date Apple mentioned at WWDC. The exact release date remains a mystery.

With the iPhone 5S/5C seemingly locked for the September 10 announcement, the company may have opted to launch the new Mac Pro at a later stage and quietly, with just a press release.