Apple starts showing Mac Pro commercials in movie theaters

Mac Pro (2013 model, two-up, front, back)

If you’re heading out to go see the new Jobs biopic, or any other movie this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for Apple’s new Mac Pro ad. Reports are surfacing that it has started airing in theaters nationwide.

The commercial, which was first shown at WWDC during a sneak preview of Apple’s new Pro computer, shows the radically-redesigned desktop tower from various angles. We’ve got the ad queued up after the fold…

Perhaps most interesting is that the spot, which was first reported by MacRumors, ends with the line “Fall 2013.” This is the first time we’ve seen any kind of information regarding a launch timeframe for the Mac Pro.

In addition to its unique black casing, the new Mac Pro is a fraction of the size of its predecessor and supposedly 2.5 times faster. It houses a 12-core Xeon processor, dual AMD FirePro GPUs, and PCIe flash storage.

Apple has an iPhone event coming up next month, on the 10th, and is believed to be planning a second event for its new iPads. It’s unknown, however, if the Mac Pro will launch at one of these events, or on its own.