How to teach Siri your family and friends relationships

teach siri your family

Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri can do a lot for anyone who wants to ask for her help. She can schedule appointments, tell you who’s winning the game, and get you tickets to the late show, among other things.

One of the useful things that Siri can do is remember your relationships. Once you’ve told Siri who your wife is, you can ask her to send her a message. Same with your mom, dad, other family members and friends. We have a basic tutorial to help you teach Siri who your family is.

How to teach Siri who your friends and family members are

The easiest way to teach Siri about your family relationships is to tell her. Access Siri and say, “Call my mom.” Siri will then say, “ What is your mother’s name?” Say the full name of the contact you are assigning the relationship to and Siri will find the name and then say, “OK, do you want me to remember that [so-and-so] is your mother?” Confirm to save your Mom as a family member.

set my mom in siri

Then, when you want to call or send a message to your mom, just activate Siri and say, “Call my mom,” or “Send a message to my mom,” and Siri will know who you are talking about.

How to set friends and family in Siri’s memory

Another way to go at it is to simply tell Siri “[so-and-so] is my [relationship]. For example:

Step 1: Access Siri like you normally would.

Step 2: Tell Siri something like “Jeff Benjamin is my colleague.”

Step 3: Siri will ask you to confirm the relationship.

get siri to know friends

You can do this with all of your friends and family members. You can add aunts, uncles, grandparents, children, neighbors, friends, colleagues, boss, and whomever you would like to assign a relationship to.

How to manually add family members and friends to Siri

Another way you can assign relationships is by adding them manually.

Step 1: Go to Contacts > Select your own name.

Step 2: Tap the Edit tab in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Scroll down to the section that shows relationship names, like “Mother,” “Father,” “Brother,” etc.

Siri relationships

Step 4: Tap the blue “i” icon next to a relationship assignment.

Step 5: Select a name from your contacts.

You can also customize the relationship label

Step 1: Tap the label portion of a relationship assignment.

Step 2: Select one of the listed labels. If you don’t see the relationship that you want to use, go to step 3.

set custom relationship with siri

Step 3: Tap Add Custom Label to create your own relationship.

Step 4: Enter a new label, like “neighbor,” or “cousin,” or even “best friend.”

Now, Siri will know who all of your relationships are. It’s too bad she can’t warn you when your mother-in-law is coming to visit. Maybe a future version of iOS will?